gerrit Git repositories

To clone one of these repositories, install git, and run:
git clone
buckMirror of
buckletsReusable building blocks for Buck build system.
executablewarSupport for running code directly from WAR files
gcompute-toolsTools for Google Compute Engine
gerritGerrit Code Review
gerrit-atticAborted experiments and ancient revisions of Gerrit Code Review
gerrit-installerGerrit native installation packages for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX
gitilesA simple browser for Git repositories
git-reporepo - The Multiple Git Repository Tool
gs-maven-wagonMaven wagon provider for Google Storage for Developers. Forked from
gwtexpuiExtended UI tools for GWT. This repository is deprecated. The code has been merged (with history) into gerrit as the gerrit-gwtexpui subdirectory.
gwtjsonrpcJSON-RPC for Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
gwtormTiny ORM
plugin-builderBuilder for buck-based plugins.
plugins/admin-consoleProvides information via SSH commands to Gerrit Administrators.
plugins/approval-extensionSmall example plug-in demoing extension points for manipulating approvals.
plugins/auth-htpasswdPlugin for Apache htpasspw based authentication.
plugins/avatars/externalEnables to set a custom URL to load avatars from
plugins/avatars/gravatarPlugin to display user icons from Gravatar.
plugins/branch-networkPlug-in to display and navigate Git branches in a HTML5 canvas network
plugins/change-headShift what the HEAD symbolic-ref points to.
plugins/codenvyPlugin to allow to edit code on-line on either an existing branch or an active change using the Codenvy cloud development platform. For more information about Codenvy:
plugins/commit-message-length-validatorPlugin to validate that commit messages conform to length limits.
plugins/commit-validator-sampleSample validator to accept, refuse or provide warnings on Git commit changes during push.
plugins/cookbook-pluginExamples of plugin API usage.
plugins/delete-projectA plugin which allows projects to be deleted from Gerrit via an SSH command
plugins/force-draftProvides an ssh command to force a change or patch set to draft status
plugins/gitblitGitBlit code-viewer plug-in with SSO and Security Access Control
plugins/gitgroupsGroupBackend using text files stored in Git
plugins/githubPlugin to integrate with GitHub: replication, pull-request to Change-Sets
plugins/gitilesPlugin running Gitiles alongside a Gerrit server
plugins/google-apps-groupSample group backend plugin using Google Groups on a Google Apps domain.
plugins/healthcheckGerrit plugin for triggering a general configuration and runtime health check
plugins/helloworldTemplate plugin that adds new SSH commands to a server
plugins/hooksOld-style fork+exec hooks.
plugins/hooks-auditPlugin(s) to enable auditing of Gerrit admin and user activity to an external logging system
plugins/hooks-bugzillaPlugin to integrate with Bugzilla
plugins/hooks-itsPlugin base for issue tracking systems
plugins/hooks-jiraPlugin to integrate with Atlassian JIRA
plugins/hooks-rtcPlugin to integrate with IBM Rational Team Concert
plugins/imagarePlugin allows Gerrit users to upload and share images.
plugins/menuextenderPlugin that allows Gerrit administrators to configure additional menu entries from the WebUI.
plugins/multi-masterPlugin(s) to enable Gerrrit multi-master operation.
plugins/quickstartGerrit plugin for providing a Quck-start configuration during the init phase
plugins/rename-projectA plugin which allows projects to be renamed from Gerrit via an SSH command
plugins/replicationCopies to other servers using the Git protocol
plugins/reviewers-by-blameA plugin that allows to automatically add reviewers to a change from the git blame computation on the changed files. It will add the users as reviewer that authored most of the lines touched by the change, since these users should be familiar with the code and can most likely review the change.
plugins/reviewnotesAnnotates merged commits using notes on refs/notes/review.
plugins/server-configThis plugin enables access (download and upload) to the server config files. It may be used to change Gerrit config files (like etc/gerrit.config) in cases where direct access to the file system where Gerrit's config files are stored is difficult or impossible to get.
plugins/server-log-viewerDisplays $site_path/logs through a web browser
plugins/shutdownGerrit plugin to provide a graceful shutdown via RESTful API (intended for Windows Service integration)
plugins/singleusergroupGroupBackend enabling users to be directly added to access rules
plugins/zookeeper-refdbZookeeper-backed reference database plugin.
prolog-cafeProlog Cafe: A Prolog-to-Java source-to-source translator system
Public-PluginsParent project for plugins/*
Public-ProjectsParent project enabling Anonymous Users read
training/gerritGerrit related training and info material
training/sampleSample project for the exercises of the Git/Gerrit Workshop. This project is reset from time to time to the workshop-start tag. If you want to use this project for the exercises you may also request from the Gerrit maintainers to reset this project.
zookeeper-refdbCluster-enabled Git storage powered by Apache ZooKeeper