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Gerrit Code Review Rules for Bazel


These build rules are used for building Gerrit Code Review plugins with Bazel. Plugins are compiled as .jar files containing plugin code and dependencies.


To be able to use the Gerrit rules, you must provide bindings for the plugin API jars. The easiest way to do so is to add the following to your WORKSPACE file, which will give you default versions for Gerrit plugin API.

  name = "com_github_davido_bazlets",
  remote = "",
  commit = "2ede19cb2d2dd9d04bcb70ffc896439a27e5d50d",

Another option is to consume snapshot version of gerrit plugin API from local Maven repository (~/.m2). To use the snapshot version special method is provided:


Basic Example

Suppose you have the following directory structure for a simple plugin:


To build this plugin, your BUILD can look like this:

load("//tools/bzl:plugin.bzl", "gerrit_plugin")

    name = "reviewers",
    srcs = glob(["src/main/java/**/*.java"]),
    gwt_module = "com.googlesource.gerrit.plugins.reviewers.ReviewersForm",
    manifest_entries = [
        "Gerrit-PluginName: reviewers",
        "Gerrit-Module: com.googlesource.gerrit.plugins.reviewers.Module",
    resources = glob(["src/main/**/*"]),

Now, you can build the Gerrit plugin by running bazel build <plugin>.

For a real world example, see the reviewers plugin.


gerrit_plugin(name, srcs, resources, gwt_module, deps, manifest_entries):

Implicit output target

  • <name>.jar: library containing built plugin jar