Make a donation button to Shawn Pearce Memorial Fund

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Make a donation button to Shawn Pearce Memorial Fund

We never had a “Donate” button on Gerrit Code Review, we never needed one because the project has always been OpenSource and Free and always it will be.

We have all benefited from the dedication and passion of the team of 600+ contributors that every day spend their time innovating and improving the code. Thanks to all these people, we do have a world-class Code Review tool that hundreds of thousands of developers are using every day.

Time to say “Thank you Shawn”

Shawn Pearce, the project founder of Gerrit Code Review, died in January 2018 by an aggressive lungs cancer, leaving a loving wife and his children behind. In many ways, Shawn’s daily work has been put continuously in the software that keeps and many other Gerrit Code Review sites alive every day.

It is about time to pay a tribute to Shawn dedication and make his dream to become true: giving the support and help to his family in this difficult moment.

CALL TO ACTION: By installing this plugin into a Gerrit Code Review instance and allowing all the users to discover the Shawn Pearce Memorial Fund, you can thank the founder of this amazing project and show the solidarity of the OpenSource software and the people that are running and using it every day.

How to build

Clone the donation-button plugin locally and build the package using Maven 3.x.

   $ git clone
   $ cd donation-button && mvn package

How to install

Install the donation-button jar file generated under the /target directory into a Gerrit v2.13 or later /plugins directory.

The donation link will appear on the top-menu bar of Gerrit Code Review and will contain the single menu item that points to Shawn Pearce Memorial Fund.