accountPlugin to expose a self-service API and UX to manage accounts and associated personal information.admin-consoleProvides information via SSH commands to Gerrit Administrators.analyticsanalytics-wizardWizard to provision a new GerritAnalytics stackapproval-extensionSmall example plug-in demoing extension points for manipulating approvals.approver-annotatoraudit-sl4jPlugin for logging audit events using a SLF4J appenderauth-htpasswdPlugin for Apache htpasswd based authentication.automergerautosubmitterA plugin that takes care of automatically submitting changes when all approvals and preconditions are Replaced by plugins/avatars-external.avatars/gravatarDEPRECATED Replaced by plugins/avatars-gravatar.avatars-externalEnables to set a custom URL to load avatars from.avatars-gravatarPlugin to display user icons from Gravatar.batchThe batch plugin provides a mechanism for building and previewing sets of proposed updates to multiple projects/branches/refs that should be applied together. The focus of batch updates tend to be verification (by CI systems). The batch update service provides the tools to build refs by merging changes to temporary “snapshot” refs, which can then be tested extensively, and finally submitted ”as is".branch-networkPlug-in to display and navigate Git branches in a HTML5 canvas networkcfoauthPlugin to authenticate with a CloudFoundry User Account and Authentication server using OAuth2 protocol.change-head[DEPRECATED] Shift what the HEAD symbolic-ref points to.change-labelschangemessageThis plugin allows to display a static info message on the change screen. It's main purpose is to serve as an example plugin and as a base for building plugins with a more sophisticated logic for displaying change info messages.checksThis plugin provides a REST API and UI extensions for integrating CI systems with plugin to obtain push event notifications through Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).codemirror-editorCodeMirror plugin for PolyGerritcodenvyPlugin to allow to edit code on-line on either an existing branch or an active change using the Codenvy cloud development platform. For more information about Codenvy: http://codenvy.comcommit-message-length-validatorPlugin to validate that commit messages conform to length limits.commit-validator-sampleSample validator to accept, refuse or provide warnings on Git commit changes during push.cookbook-pluginExamples of plugin API usage.copyrightWIP: Copyright scanner to require qualified review when neededdelete-projectA plugin which allows projects to be deleted from Gerrit via an SSH commanddonation-buttonMake a donation button to Shawn Pearce Memorial Funddownload-commandsAdds the standard download schemes and commands.egitThis plugin provides extensions for easier usage with EGit. The plugin adds a download command for EGit that allows to copy only the change ref into the clipboard. The change ref is needed for downloading a Gerrit change from within EGit.emoticonsPlugin that allows users to see emoticons in comments as images.eventsThe events plugin adds a stream events API which parallels the core stream events API with extensions to resume events on reconnect. Each event is stored in a separate file in a traditional filesystem. This plugin is multi-master friendly when the filesystem is shared among the plugin listens to stream events and stores them in a database. The events can be retrieved through REST API.evict-cache[DEPRECATED]Allows to synchronize the eviction of caches between two Gerrit instances sharing the same repositories and database As of branch 2.13, this plugin is deprecated. The functionality has been merged into of example plugins for Gerrit Code Review.find-ownersPlugin to check for Android and Chromium style OWNERS approval before submit and find owners for a revision.force-draftProvides an ssh command to force a change or patch set to draft statusgc-conductorThis plugin provides an automated way of detecting, managing and cleaning up (garbage collecting) the 'dirty' repositories in a Gerrit instance.gerrit-supportPlugin to collect information on Gerrit Code Review setup for requesting support.gitblitGitBlit code-viewer plug-in with SSO and Security Access ControlgitgroupsGroupBackend using text files stored in GitgithubPlugin to integrate with GitHub: replication, pull-request to Change-Setsgithub-groupsGroup backend implementation to use GitHub Organisations and Teams as Gerrit Groupsgithub-profileGitHub-Profile integration for migrating and synchronising your GitHub e-mail address and SSH Keys with Gerritgithub-pullrequestImport existing GitHub Pull Requests as Gerrit Changes and Patch-Sets with one click.github-replicationReplication wizard for importing and configuring GitHub repos as Gerrit slaves replicas with a single clickgithub-webhooksExpose Gerrit automation actions (e.g. importing a pull request) as GitHub hooks.gitilesPlugin running Gitiles alongside a Gerrit servergo-importgoogle-apps-groupSample group backend plugin using Google Groups on a Google Apps domain.healthcheckGerrit plugin for triggering a general configuration and runtime health checkheartbeatPlugin that sends heartbeat stream event. Main use case for this plugin is to always keep stream events alive so Jenkins Gerrit-Trigger connection watchdog doesn't force reconnection when it detects no stream events activity.helloworldTemplate plugin that adds new SSH commands to a server. Deprecated. The cookbook-plugin is now used to demo plugin features.hide-actionsPlugin that allows to hide UI actions by configuration.high-availabilitySynchronize eviction of caches, secondary indexes and stream events between two Gerrit instances sharing the same git repositories and database.hooksServer-side hooks executed on Gerrit events.hooks-auditPlugin(s) to enable auditing of Gerrit admin and user activity to an external logging systemhooks-bugzillaDeprecated. Please use plugins/its-bugzilla instead.hooks-itsDeprecated. Please use plugins/its-base instead.hooks-jiraDeprecated. Please use plugins/its-jira instead.hooks-rtcDeprecated. Please use plugins/its-rtc instead.imagarePlugin allows Gerrit users to upload and share images.image-diffAn enhanced image diff plugin for PolyGerrit.importerPlugin to import projects from one Gerrit server into another Gerrit server.its-basePlugin base for issue tracking systems. New project for 'plugins/hooks-its'.its-bugzillaPlugin to integrate with Bugzilla. New project for 'plugins/hooks-bugzilla'.its-githubPlugin to integrate with GitHub Issue Tracker.its-jiraPlugin to integrate with Atlassian JIRA. New project for 'plugins/hooks-jira'.its-phabricatorPlugin to integrate with Phabricator.its-redminePlugin to integrate with Redmineits-rtcPlugin to integrate with IBM Rational Team Concert. New project for 'plugins/hooks-rtc'.its-storyboardPlugin to integrate with the Storyboard Issue Tracking SystemjavamelodyPlugin to monitor a Gerrit server with JavaMelody.kafka-eventsGerrit event producer for Apache KafkalabeluiThe labelui plugin allows users to configure a different control for displaying the labels/approvals on the change screen.lfsLFS plugin storing large objectslfs-storage-fsDEPRECATED: Use the plugins/lfs LFS plugin storing large objects in local file systemlfs-storage-s3DEPRECATED: Use the plugins/lfs LFS plugin storing large objects in an Amazon S3 bucketlogin-redirectPlugin to redirect anonymous users to the login formlog-levelPlugin to allow an administrator to persist configured log levels across restartsmaintainermanifestThe manifest plugin provides server side utilities to operate on, and query information about repo manifests (xml) stored in git projects on the current server. This plugin provides APIs to update values in manifests, and to search for manifests with certain values.manifest-subscriptionThis plugin allows users to monitor git-repo manifests in manifest repositories and generate rev-specific manifests (similar to "repo manifest -o") and store them to a separate git repository.menuextenderPlugin that allows Gerrit administrators to configure additional menu entries from the WebUI.messageofthedaymetrics-reporter-cloudwatchThis plugin reports Gerrit metrics to AWS Cloudwatch Service.metrics-reporter-elasticsearchThis plugin reports Gerrit metrics to ElasticSearch Indexes.metrics-reporter-graphiteThis plugin reports Gerrit metrics to Graphite.metrics-reporter-jmxThis plugin exposes Gerrit metrics as JMX resources.metrics-reporter-prometheusThis plugin exposes Gerrit metrics to Prometheus ( that provides messages to users on fetch/pull/clonemulti-masterPlugin(s) to enable Gerrrit multi-master operation.multi-siteMulti-site support for Gerrit Code ReviewoauthOAuth2 provider plugin. Multiple providers are currently supported: * AirVantage * Bitbucket * CAS * CoreOS Dex * Facebook * GitHub * GitLab * Google * Keycloak * Office365out-of-the-boxPlugin to provide an out-of-the-box redirect for a fresh Gerrit installownersProvides a Prolog predicate add_owner_approval/3 that appends label('Owner-Approval', need(_)) to a provided list.plugin-managerOne plugin to rule them all: install new plugins from Gerrit GUIproject-download-commandsPlugin that adds support for project specific download commands.project-group-structureThis plugin enforce a project group structure and restrict project creation within this structure to project group owners only.prolog-submit-rulespull-replicationMirror repos from other servers using the Git protocolpush-pull-replicationAlternative Gerrit replication plugin that uses both push and pull operations as replication logic.quickstartGerrit plugin for providing a Quck-start configuration during the init phasequotaThis plugin allows to enforce quotas in Gerrit.rabbitmqPublishes Gerrit events to RabbitMQ.rate-limiterAllows to enforce rate limits in Gerrit.readonlyA plugin to make Gerrit run in read-only moderef-protectionCreates backups of refs that are deleted or non-fast-forward updated.reject-private-submitReject submission (merging) of private changesrename-projectA plugin which allows projects to be renamed from Gerrit via an SSH commandreparentPlugin that provides a self-service for reparenting projects.replicationCopies to other servers using the Git protocolreplication-statusRecord and display the repository's replication status without having to dig into the Gerrit replication_logrepository-usageSearches repositories for submodules and manifest files and saves references to a database.reviewassistantGives advice to reviewers on how the review should be performed to be as effective as possible.reviewersA plugin that allows adding default reviewers to a change.reviewers-by-blameA plugin that allows to automatically add reviewers to a change from the git blame computation on the changed files. It will add the users as reviewer that authored most of the lines touched by the change, since these users should be familiar with the code and can most likely review the change.reviewnotesAnnotates merged commits using notes on refs/notes/ configurations for custom Gerrit review strategies.samlPlugin for Gerrit authentication with a SAML providerscripting/groovy-providerAllows the load Gerrit plugins implemented as Groovy scriptsscripting/scala-providerAllows the load Gerrit plugins implemented as Scala scriptsscripting-rulesscriptsScripting plugins for providing simple and useful extensions on top of Gerritsecure-configPlugin to encrypt the values of secure.config.server-configThis plugin enables access (download and upload) to the server config files. It may be used to change Gerrit config files (like etc/gerrit.config) in cases where direct access to the file system where Gerrit's config files are stored is difficult or impossible to get.server-log-viewerDisplays $site_path/logs through a web browserserviceuserThis plugin allows to create service users in Gerrit.shutdownGerrit plugin to provide a graceful shutdown via RESTful API (intended for Windows Service integration)simple-submit-rulessingleusergroupGroupBackend enabling users to be directly added to access rulesslack-integrationAllows for the publishing of certain Gerrit events to a configured Slack Webhook URL.supermanifestUpdate superproject in response to manifest changes.sync-events[DEPRECATED]Allows to share stream events between two Gerrit instances sharing the same git repositories and database. This plugin is deprecated. The functionality has been merged into[DEPRECATED]Allows to synchronize secondary indexes between between two Gerrit instances sharing the same git repositories and database. This plugin is deprecated. The functionality has been merged into task plugin provides a mechanism to manage tasks which need to be performed on changes along with a way to expose and query this information. Tasks are organized hierarchically, and task definitions use Gerrit queries to define which changes each task applies to, and how to define the status criteria for each task. An important use case of the task plugin is to have a common place for CI systems to define which changes they will operate on, and when they will do so.uploadvalidatorThis plugin allows to configure upload validations per project. Project owners can configure blocked file extensions, required footers and a maximum allowed path length. Pushes of commits that violate these settings are rejected by Gerrit.verify-statusVerification status plugin to visualize different jobs status that contributed to verify vote.webhooksThis plugin allows to propagate Gerrit events to remote http endpoints.websession-flatfileReplaces the builtin Gerrit WebSession implementation with one that uses a flat file based cache.wipPlugin that allows to mark changes as Work In Progress. *Warning*: As of gerrit 2.15, the support for Work In Progress workflow was added to gerrit core. This plugins is deprecated and is going to be discontinued.wmf-fixshadowuserx-docsThis plugin serves Markdown project documentation as HTML pages.zookeeper-refdbZookeeper-backed reference database plugin.zuulGerrit Zuul Pluginzuul-statusDisplays zuul status on PolyGerrit change