This plugin provides a REST API and UI extensions for integrating CI systems with Gerrit.

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  3. 61de6a0 gr-create-checkers-dialog.js: Fix typo in mixin definition by David Ostrovsky · 8 weeks ago
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  5. 7e0c4d1 Merge changes from topics "remove-redundant-specification-of-LockFailureException-for-retrying", "remove-retrying-index-queries-on-StorageException", "simplify-retrying-index-queries" by Edwin Kempin · 6 weeks ago

Gerrit Code Review Checks Plugin

This plugin provides a unified experience for checkers (CI systems, static analyzers, etc.) to integrate with Gerrit Code Review.

This plugin uses polymer-cli to test.

After bower install, running polymer test -l chrome will run all tests in Chrome, and running polymer serve and navigating to allows for manual debugging.