One plugin to rule them all: install new plugins from Gerrit GUI

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  1. 27c3d29 Bump next Gerrit version to 2.16 by Luca Milanesio · 3 months ago master
  2. 1e4862d Update Copyright to 2018 by Luca Milanesio · 4 months ago v2.15
  3. 033d774 Merge branch 'stable-2.14' by Luca Milanesio · 4 months ago
  4. 57c082e Adapt to latest AcceptCreate<> interface on master by Luca Milanesio · 10 months ago
  5. ae922a8 Use PermissionBackend for plugins management by Luca Milanesio · 11 months ago


Gerrit web-based plugin manager