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  1. 811985d Pass around ProjectConfig instead of ProjectState by Patrick Hiesel · 3 weeks ago master
  2. f45ea0f Add option to plugin config to disallow copy score rules by Patrick Hiesel · 4 weeks ago
  3. 0538d75 Rename copyScores to copyScoreRules in REST API by Patrick Hiesel · 3 weeks ago
  4. 50032a3 Fix smaller API issues and add tests by Patrick Hiesel · 4 weeks ago
  5. 39f877f Merge changes I3eb497d7,Icfa329bf by Patrick Hiesel · 5 weeks ago

Simple Submit Rules plugin

Gerrit plugin to provide simple submit rules and a rest API to configure them.

By simple, we mean any rule that can be described in one sentence. Or fits in a tweet.

Having a set of simple rules makes composition easier, thus allowing harder rules to be defined ... in a simple way :)

Of course, this plugin can't contain all the simple rules one can think of, and will only contain rules that seem popular or interesting to have.