Plugs into the builtin Gerrit WebSession implementation and broadcast websessions to an external broker

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  1. e601370 Use events-broker version 3.5.0-alpha-202108041529 by Marcin Czech · 7 weeks ago master
  2. 91346be Bump events-broker version to 3.5.0-alpha-202107290338 by Marcin Czech · 9 weeks ago
  3. bcfa0bc Send/receive Event object instead of EventMessage by Marcin Czech · 4 months ago stable-3.4
  4. 13d8635 Implement 3.4.0-rc2 events broker API version by Fabio Ponciroli · 5 months ago
  5. 5a2aa7a Bump up events-broker to 3.4-rc0 by Antonio Barone · 5 months ago


Gerrit Code Review plugin for storing and broadcasting websessions to an external broker