Server-side hooks executed on Gerrit events.

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  1. 3007362 Annotate methods that return a definitely null value with @Nullable by Edwin Kempin · 1 year, 2 months ago master v3.6.3 v3.6.4 v3.6.5 v3.6.6 v3.6.7 v3.6.8 v3.7.0 v3.7.0-rc5 v3.7.1 v3.7.2 v3.7.3 v3.7.4 v3.7.5 v3.7.6 v3.8.0 v3.8.0-rc0 v3.8.0-rc1 v3.8.0-rc2 v3.8.0-rc3 v3.8.0-rc5 v3.8.1 v3.8.2 v3.8.3 v3.9.0 v3.9.0-rc0 v3.9.0-rc1 v3.9.0-rc2 v3.9.0-rc3 v3.9.0-rc4 v3.9.0-rc5 v3.9.0-rc6 v3.9.1
  2. 20aeaa9 Fix FloggerLogString issues flagged by error prone by David Ostrovsky · 1 year, 6 months ago v3.7.0-rc0 v3.7.0-rc1 v3.7.0-rc2 v3.7.0-rc3 v3.7.0-rc4
  3. d760a4b Adapt to enabling error level for the UnnecessaryLambda bug pattern by Edwin Kempin · 2 years ago v3.6.0 v3.6.0-rc0 v3.6.0-rc1 v3.6.0-rc2 v3.6.0-rc3 v3.6.0-rc4 v3.6.0-rc5 v3.6.1 v3.6.2
  4. 4e07d16 Fix ErrorProne issues for JavaLangClash bug pattern by Edwin Kempin · 2 years, 2 months ago v3.5.0 v3.5.0-rc0 v3.5.0-rc1 v3.5.0-rc2 v3.5.0-rc3 v3.5.0-rc4 v3.5.0.1 v3.5.1 v3.5.2 v3.5.3 v3.5.4 v3.5.5 v3.5.6
  5. ad4f877 Adapt to change in Gerrit core by Edwin Kempin · 3 years, 2 months ago v3.3.0 v3.3.1 v3.3.10 v3.3.11 v3.3.2 v3.3.3 v3.3.4 v3.3.5 v3.3.6 v3.3.7 v3.3.8 v3.3.9 v3.4.0 v3.4.0-rc0 v3.4.0-rc1 v3.4.0-rc2 v3.4.0-rc3 v3.4.0-rc4 v3.4.0-rc5 v3.4.1 v3.4.2 v3.4.3 v3.4.4 v3.4.5 v3.4.6 v3.4.7 v3.4.8

Hooks plugin

Gerrit does not support the standard server-side git hooks in the repositories it manages.

This plugin adds support for custom hooks that can be run instead. Refer to the configuration documentation and list of supported hooks for details.