Gerrit libModule providing an index backend based on ElasticSearch

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Index backend for Gerrit, based on ElasticSearch

Indexing backend libModule for Gerrit Code Review based on ElasticSearch.

This module was original part of Gerrit core and then extracted into a separate component from v3.5.0-rc3 as part of Change-Id: Ib7b5167ce.

How to build

This libModule is built like a Gerrit in-tree plugin, using Bazelisk. See the build instructions for more details.


  • Install index-elasticsearch module

Install the index-elasticsearch.jar into the $GERRIT_SITE/lib directory.

Add the index-elasticsearch module to $GERRIT_SITE/etc/gerrit.config as follows:

  installIndexModule =

When installing the module on Gerrit replicas, use following example:

  installIndexModule =

For further information and supported options, refer to config documentation.

Integration test

Gerrit acceptance tests allow the execution with an alternate implementation of the indexing backend using the GERRIT_INDEX_MODULE environment variable.

bazel test //...