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-Once a Git commit with a comment link is detected, the Jira issue ID
-is extracted and a new comment is added to the issue, pointing back to
-the original Git commit.
 Jira connectivity
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     Issue-id enforced in commit message [MANDATORY/?]: suggested
-GitWeb integration
-When Gerrit gitweb is configured, an additional direct link from Jira to GitWeb
-will be created, pointing exactly to the Git commit ID containing the Jira issue ID.
-Issues workflow automation
-Jira plugin is able to automate status transition on the issues based on
-code-review actions performed on Gerrit; actions are performed on Jira using
-the username/password provided during Gerrit init.
-Transition automation is driven by `$GERRIT_SITE/etc/issue-state-transition.config`
-Syntax of the status transition configuration file is the following:
-    [action "<issue-status-action>"]
-    change=<state-change-type>
-    verified=<verified-value>
-    code-review=<code-review-value>
-:	Action to be performed on the Jira issue when all the condition in the stanza are met.
-:	Gerrit state change type on which the action will be triggered.
-	Possible values are: `created`, `commented`, `merged`, `abandoned`,
-	`restored`
-:	Verified label added on the Gerrit change with a value from -1 to +1
-:	Code-Review label added on the Gerrit change with a value from -2 to +2
-Note: multiple conditions in the action stanza are possible but at least one must be present.
-    [action "Start Progress"]
-    change=created
-    [action "Resolve Issue"]
-    verified=+1
-    code-review=+2
-    [action "Close Issue"]
-    change=merged
-    [action "Stop Progress"]
-    change=abandoned
-The above example defines four status transitions on Jira, based on the following conditions:
-* Whenever a new Change is created on Gerrit, start progress on the Jira issue
-* Whenever a change is verified and reviewed with +2, set the Jira issue to resolved
-* Whenever a change is merged to the branch, close the Jira issue
-* Whenever a change is abandoned, stop the progress on the Jira issue