Don't show the Owners Column if the plugin is disabled.

Release-Notes: skip
Google-Bug-Id: b/303469366
Change-Id: Ie3d7f9f8d67669d8345188a402f523fa5548b1e3
(cherry picked from commit 010ca99de90ba94e565255248a3642c47480b535)
diff --git a/web/owner-status-column.ts b/web/owner-status-column.ts
index d8b9f8f..b8006e5 100644
--- a/web/owner-status-column.ts
+++ b/web/owner-status-column.ts
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
 import {css, html, LitElement, nothing, PropertyValues} from 'lit';
 import {customElement, property} from 'lit/decorators';
 import {OwnerStatus} from './code-owners-api';
-import {FileStatus} from './code-owners-model';
+import {FileStatus, PluginState} from './code-owners-model';
 import {CodeOwnersModelMixin} from './code-owners-model-mixin';
 // TODO: Extend the API for plugins.
@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@
     ) {
       return true;
+    if (this.pluginStatus?.state !== PluginState.Enabled) return true;
     if (this.change.status === 'MERGED') return true;
     // if code-owners is not a submit requirement, don't show status column
     if (