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from git_command import GetEventTargetPath
from git_command import RepoSourceVersion
from git_trace2_event_log_base import BaseEventLog
class EventLog(BaseEventLog):
"""Event log that records events that occurred during a repo invocation.
Events are written to the log as a consecutive JSON entries, one per line.
Entries follow the git trace2 EVENT format.
Each entry contains the following common keys:
- event: The event name
- sid: session-id - Unique string to allow process instance to be
- thread: The thread name.
- time: is the UTC time of the event.
Valid 'event' names and event specific fields are documented here:
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
super().__init__(repo_source_version=RepoSourceVersion(), **kwargs)
def Write(self, path=None, **kwargs):
if path is None:
path = self._GetEventTargetPath()
return super().Write(path=path, **kwargs)
def _GetEventTargetPath(self):
return GetEventTargetPath()