Update superproject in response to manifest changes.

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  1. 367e9c8 RepoUpdater: Convert ConcurrentRefUpdateException into LockFailureException by Edwin Kempin · 4 days ago master
  2. 2550fd8 ConfigEntry: consolidate calculating the actual destination branch by Ivan Frade · 13 days ago
  3. 2fa9956 ConfigEntry: Move source matching to the ConfigEntry by Ivan Frade · 14 days ago
  4. 61be867 SuperManifestRefUpdatedListener: Remove unneeded caching of config by Edwin Kempin · 7 days ago
  5. 4ffcbb8 Fix instructions how to build the plugin with external dependencies by Edwin Kempin · 7 days ago

The plugin will update a superproject to contain the submodules defined in the manifest XML file whenever the manifest repo is changed.

For more information see the documentation or the build instructions