Document required installation of replication plugin lib

The replication-status plugin relies on events defined in the
replication plugin.

Since Gerrit doesn't provide a way of defining dependencies among
plugins, if replication-status loads before replication, some
classes won't be available at startup.

As a workaround the replication plugin can be added as a lib to
make sure the needed classes are always available at startup.

Bug: Issue 16554
Change-Id: I5a8b0faa6009759249ce6277633db1c75b08bcda
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 Consumes replication events and updates a cache with the latest replication
 status of specific refs to specific remotes.
+## Dependencies
+The @PLUGIN@ depends on the [replication plugin](
+Check the [configuration section](./src/main/resources/Documentation/ for more details.
 The cache information is then exposed via a project's resource REST endpoint:
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 # Config
+## Dependencies
+Since the @PLUGIN@ plugin relies on some events defined in the `replication`
+plugin, the latter must be installed as a library module in the
+`$GERRIT_SITE/lib` folder.
+It can be a simple symlink as follows:
+cd $GERRIT_SITE/lib
+ln -s $GERRIT_SITE/plugins/replication.jar .
+## Settings
 The plugin itself has no specific configuration, however some Gerrit specific
 settings are relevant.
-## Cache
+### Cache
 This plugin relies on a cache to store replication status information, the
 global cache configuration settings apply.
@@ -31,7 +46,7 @@
    maxAge = 1 day
-## Gerrit instanceId
+### Gerrit instanceId
 This plugin will try to discriminate among events produced by the current
 instances versus events produced by different instances.