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 Ref protection plugin.
-Protects against commits being lost by creating backups of deleted refs under
-the `refs/backups/` namespace.
+Protects against commits being lost by creating backups of deleted refs 
+(or non-fast-forward commits) under the `refs/backups/` namespace.
+Branch deletion protection can be disabled by setting 
+`plugin.ref-protection.protectDeleted false` in `gerrit.config`.
+Similarly, non-fast-forward update protection can be disabled with
+`plugin.ref-protection.protectFastForward false`.
 Branches under `refs/heads/` that are deleted or rewritten are backed up
-as `refs/backups/heads/branch-name-YYYYMMDD-HHmmss`.
+as `refs/backups/heads/branch-name-YYYYMMDD-HHmmss` by default, or as
+sequentially increasing numbers under `refs/backups/heads/branch-name/#`
+by setting `plugin.ref-protection.useTimestamp false`.
 Tags under `refs/tags/` that are deleted are backed up (as branches) as
+`refs/backups/tags/tag-name-YYYYMMDD-HHmmss` or as sequentially
+increasing numbers under `refs/backups/tags/branch-name/#` using the same
+`plugin.ref-protection.useTimestamp` setting.
+By default, the backups are created as branches.  Optionally, they may
+be created as tags, containing information about the original ref that
+was changed, as well as the user that performed the change.  This can
+be enabled by setting `plugin.ref-protection.createTag true`.