Release for Gerrit v2.15.3
Don't include jackson-core in shaded JAR

jackson-core is included in core Gerrit. Use the ":neverlink"

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Gerrit OWNERS Plugin

This plugin provides some Prolog predicates that can be used to add customized validation checks based on the approval of ‘path owners’ of a particular folder in the project.

That allows creating a single big project including multiple components and users have different roles depending on the particular path where changes are being proposed. A user can be “owner” in a specific directory, and thus influencing the approvals of changes there, but cannot do the same in others paths, so assuring a kind of dynamic subproject access rights.

How it works

There are currently two main prolog public verbs:

add_owner_approval/3 (UserList, InList, OutList) appends label('Owner-Approval', need(_)) to InList building OutList if UserList has no users contained in the defined owners of this path change.

In other words, the predicate just copies InList to OutList if at least one of the elements in UserList is an owner.

add_owner_approval/2 (InList, OutList) appends label('Owner-Approval', need(_)) to InList building OutList if no owners has given a Code-Review +2 to this path change.

This predicate is similar to the first one but generates a UserList with an hardcoded policy.

Since add_owner_approval/3 is not using hard coded policies, it can be suitable for complex customizations.

Auto assigner

There is a second plugin, gerrit-owners-autoassign which depends on gerrit-owners. It will automatically assign all of the owners to review a change when it's created or updated.

How to build

Create three symbolic links of the owners-owners, owners-common and owners-autoassign from the Gerrit source code /plugins directory to the subdirectories of this project.

Then build the owners and owners-autoassign plugins with the usual Gerrit plugin compile command.


   $ git clone
   $ git clone
   $ cd gerrit/plugins
   $ ln -s ../../owners/owners .
   $ ln -s ../../owners/owners-autoassign .
   $ ln -sf ../../owners/external_plugin_deps.bzl .
   $ cd ..
   $ ln -s ../owners/owners-common .
   $ bazel build plugins/owners plugins/owners-autoassign

NOTE: the owners-common folder is producing shared artifacts for the two plugins and does not need to be built separately being a direct dependency of the build process. Its resulting .jar must not be installed in gerrit plugins directory.