Fetch events-aws-kinesis-3.3 from correct URL

The stable-3.3 version of events-aws-kinesis now been created and
it is now used to build against gerrit stable-3.3, rather than the
master branch.

Fix the URL to point to the artifact resulting of the new jenkins job.

Change-Id: I3c7cc7fdd6f87c0d0a783b8ef19ee16e9262f8f1
diff --git a/setup_local_env/setup.sh b/setup_local_env/setup.sh
index a0a32ee..ba78d30 100755
--- a/setup_local_env/setup.sh
+++ b/setup_local_env/setup.sh
@@ -442,7 +442,7 @@
 if [ "$BROKER_TYPE" = "kinesis" ]; then
 echo "Downloading events-aws-kinesis plugin $GERRIT_BRANCH"
-  wget $GERRIT_CI/plugin-events-aws-kinesis-bazel-master-$GERRIT_BRANCH/$LAST_BUILD/events-aws-kinesis/events-aws-kinesis.jar \
+  wget $GERRIT_CI/plugin-events-aws-kinesis-bazel-$GERRIT_BRANCH/$LAST_BUILD/events-aws-kinesis/events-aws-kinesis.jar \
   -O $DEPLOYMENT_LOCATION/events-aws-kinesis.jar || { echo >&2 "Cannot download events-aws-kinesis plugin: Check internet connection. Abort\
 ing"; exit 1; }