Merge branch 'stable-3.0' into stable-3.1

* stable-3.0:
  Update README of setup_local_env

Change-Id: I70d3f7732b3448c2e5fdc3cf595a4e04f68cab87
diff --git a/setup_local_env/ b/setup_local_env/
index 441f98d..5b99996 100644
--- a/setup_local_env/
+++ b/setup_local_env/
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
 Simplest setup with all default values and cleanup previous deployment
-sh setup_local_env/ --release-war-file /path/to/release.war --multisite-plugin-file /path/to/multi-site.jar
+sh setup_local_env/ --release-war-file /path/to/gerrit.war --multisite-lib-file /path/to/multi-site.jar
 Cleanup the previous deployments
@@ -32,13 +32,13 @@
-Usage: sh [--option ]
+Usage: sh ./ [--option ]
 [--release-war-file]            Location to release.war file
-[--multisite-plugin-file]       Location to plugin multi-site.jar file
+[--multisite-lib-file]          Location to lib multi-site.jar file
 [--new-deployment]              Cleans up previous gerrit deployment and re-installs it. default true
-[--get-websession-plugin]       Download websession-flatfile plugin from CI lastSuccessfulBuild; default true
+[--get-websession-plugin]       Download websession-broker plugin from CI lastSuccessfulBuild; default true
 [--deployment-location]         Base location for the test deployment; default /tmp
 [--gerrit-canonical-host]       The default host for Gerrit to be accessed through; default localhost
@@ -54,6 +54,8 @@
 [--replication-type]            Options [file,ssh]; default ssh
 [--replication-ssh-user]        SSH user for the replication plugin; default $(whoami)
+[--replication-delay]           Replication delay across the two instances in seconds
 [--just-cleanup-env]            Cleans up previous deployment; default false
 [--enabled-https]               Enabled https; default true