Support to enable/disable the Jira integration per project

It can now be configured per project whether the Jira integration is
enabled or not. To enable the Jira integration for a project the
project must have the following entry in its `project.config` file in
the `refs/meta/config` branch:

  [plugin "its-jira"]
    enabled = true

If `plugin.its-jira.enabled` is not specified in the `project.config` file
the value is inherited from the parent project. If it is also not set
on any parent project the Jira integration is disabled for this

By setting `plugin.its-jira.enabled` to true in the `project.config` of the
`All-Projects` project the Jira integration can be enabled by default
for all projects. During the initialization of the plugin you are asked
if the Jira integration should be enabled by default for all projects
and if yes this setting in the `project.config` of the `All-Projects`
project is done automatically.

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