Replace sets of Property by a simple map

So far, the information about an event was stored in a collection of
collections of properties. A Property was defined as a wrapper around a
simple pair of key -> value entries. Even if simple as concept, this
data structure made the code unnecessarily complicated. For example, in
order to get a value from the properties, it was needed to iterate over
the collection and compare the desired value with the property key. When
these properties were about to be used,  e.g. when adding a Soy comment,
this collection needed to be converted to a map in order to be used as
the context for the Soy renderer. In the tests, lots of mocking was done
around the Property object which bloated and complicated the test code.

Using a simple map for storing the event information fulfills the same
goal but with some advantages: simpler loops, no need to iterate over
a collection to find and get some values, no need to convert to a map
later when the info is needed and, besides that, simplified tests.

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