Refactoring: allows text or json files in zip.

In preparation for some commands which need to leave files with non Json
content, we must be prepared to have both formats available from the
commands. Each command can now produce a Seq of (filename,content) where
content can be Json or Textual.
Some additional magic has been implemented via implicits to allow
commands to produce the needed content in a convenient way.
Also tests for bundle production have been separated.

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Gerrit-Support Plugin

Collect information on Gerrit Code Review in order to have enough elements to request support.

How to build

Gerrit-Support plugins is written in Scala language and built with Sbt. To build the plugin you need to have SBT 0.13.13 installed and then run the assembly target.


   $ sbt assembly
   [info] Packaging /Users/lucamilanesio/gerrithub/gerrit-support/target/scala-2.11/gerrit-support.jar ...