Include jHardware dependency

Bring the small parts of jHardware into the project
and make them Java-7 specific.

Rationale: the full version has JNI dependencies and does lots of
things we do not need. Additionally, it is Java 8 only and it
would not suite our needs to be compatible with Java 7.

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Gerrit-Support Plugin

Collect information on Gerrit Code Review in order to have enough elements to request support.

How to build

Gerrit-Support plugins is written in Scala language and built with Sbt. To build the plugin you need to have SBT 0.13.13 installed and then run the assembly target.


   $ sbt assembly
   [info] Packaging /Users/lucamilanesio/gerrithub/gerrit-support/target/scala-2.11/gerrit-support.jar ...