Gerrit events listener to send events to an external Apache Kafka broker.

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Kafka: Gerrit event producer for Apache Kafka

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This plugins allows to define a distributed stream of events published by Gerrit.

Events can be anything, from the traditional stream events to the Gerrit metrics.

This plugin requires Gerrit 2.13 or later.


  • linux
  • java-1.8
  • Bazel


Kafka plugin can be build as a regular ‘in-tree’ plugin. That means that is required to clone a Gerrit source tree first and then to have the Kafka plugin source directory into the /plugins path. Additionally, the plugins/external_plugin_deps.bzl file needs to be updated to match the Kafka plugin one.

git clone --recursive
git clone gerrit/plugins/events-kafka
cd gerrit
rm plugins/external_plugin_deps.bzl
ln -s ./events-kafka/external_plugin_deps.bzl plugins/.

To build the events-kafka plugins, issue the command from the Gerrit source path:

bazel build plugins/events-kafka

The output is created in


Minimum Configuration

Assuming a running Kafka broker on the same Gerrit host, add the following settings to gerrit.config:

  [plugin "events-kafka"]
    bootstrapServers = localhost:9092