Compatibility fix for Polymer 2

Polymer 2 uses shadow dom. Before the fix all styles were loaded as a
document-level styles. To load styles inside correct element this fix
logically separates plugin in 2 parts: gr-editor and codemirror-element.
The codemirror-element is a wrapper for codemirror and it incapsulates all
styles and scripts inside the element. gr-editor connects codemirror-element
with gerrit - it dynamically loads codemirror-element, set correct
options and adds event listeners.
Also, codemirror doesn't work with shadydom correctly. Because of it,
there 2 versions of codemirror-element - one is for shadowdom and antoher one
is for shadydom.

Bug: Issue 11143
Change-Id: I304cc73df1ea9a5c59fe295fe50c817ed266ffc2
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CodeMirror Editor

A plugin that uses CodeMirror to provide a rich code editing experience in PolyGerrit.


This plugin uses polymer-cli to test.

After bower install, running polymer test -l chrome will run all tests in Chrome, and running polymer serve and navigating to allows for manual debugging.