Document that per-file lines should not contain additional spaces

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   per-file docs.config,*
+**NOTE:** It's important to not include additional spaces in `per-file` lines.
+E.g. "per-file docs.config," will make
+Richard Roe a code owner of the files "docs.config" and " test.config" (pay
+attention to the leading space), but not for the file "test.config". The correct
+line to make Richard Roe a code owner of the files "docs.config" and
+"test.config" would be "per-file docs.config,".
 ##### <a id="doNotUsePathExpressionsForSubdirectories">
 **NOTE:** It is discouraged to use path expressions that explicitly name
 subdirectories such as `my-subdir/*` as they will break when the subdirectory