This plugin provides a REST API and UI extensions for integrating CI systems with Gerrit.

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Gerrit Code Review Checks Plugin

This plugin provides a unified experience for checkers (CI systems, static analyzers, etc.) to integrate with Gerrit Code Review.

When upgrading the plugin, please use init:

java -jar gerrit.war init -d site_path

More details about “init” in

Enable e-mail notifications

To enable sending email notifications for “checks” status updates, you'll need to create the email templates in <your-site-path>/etc/mail. In the simplest form, simply rename the example templates:

cd "<your-site-path>"
mv etc/mail/{.example,}
mv etc/mail/{.example,}

JavaScript Plugin

For running unit tests execute:

bazel test --test_output=all //plugins/checks/web:karma_test

For checking or fixing eslint formatter problems run:

bazel test //plugins/checks/web:lint_test
bazel run //plugins/checks/web:lint_bin -- --fix "$(pwd)/plugins/checks/web"

For testing the plugin with Gerrit FE Dev Helper build the JavaScript bundle and copy it to the plugins/ folder:

bazel build //plugins/checks/web:checks
cp -f bazel-bin/plugins/checks/web/checks.js plugins/

and let the Dev Helper redirect from .+/plugins/checks/static/checks.js to http://localhost:8081/plugins_/checks.js.