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= commit xxxxxxx: missing Change-Id in message footer
With this error message Gerrit rejects to push a commit to a project
which is configured to always require a Change-Id in the commit
message if the commit message of the pushed commit does not contain
a Change-Id.
You can see the commit messages for existing commits in the history
by doing a link:[git log,role=external,window=_blank].
To avoid this error you should use the link:cmd-hook-commit-msg.html[commit hook] or EGit to
automatically create and insert a unique Change-Id into the commit
message on every commit.
== Missing Change-Id in the commit message
If the commit message of a commit that you want to push does not
contain a Change-Id you have to update its commit message and insert
a Change-Id.
If you want to upload a new change to Gerrit make sure that you have
configured your environment so that a unique Change-Id is
automatically created and inserted on every commit as explained
above. Now you can rewrite the commits for which the Change-Ids are
missing and the Change-Ids will be automatically created and inserted
into the commit messages. This is explained link:error-push-fails-due-to-commit-message.html#commit_hook[here].
If you want to update an existing change in Gerrit by uploading a new
patch set you should copy its Change-Id from the Gerrit Web UI and
insert it into the commit message. How to update the commit message
is explained link:error-push-fails-due-to-commit-message.html[here].
Part of link:error-messages.html[Gerrit Error Messages]