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= Gerrit Code Review - Contribution Opportunities
If you are eager to contribute to Gerrit, but you don't know where to
start here are some opportunities to contribute.
== Help Wanted
The link:[HelpWanted,role=external,window=_blank]
hotlist in the issue tracker lists issues that need help from the
community and where any contribution is very welcome.
If you are interested in any of the projects and you want to try
implementing it, just assign the corresponding issue to yourself and
reach out on the
link:!forum/repo-discuss[mailing list,role=external,window=_blank]
if you have questions or need help.
=== Creating Help Wanted issues
Issues on the link:[HelpWanted,role=external,window=_blank]
hotlist should be phrased as user stories and be well-scoped so that they can
be easily picked up by new contributors:
* The issue title should name the feature and be prefixed with a t-shirt size
in square brackets to indicate the expected effort.
* The issue description should use Markdown and have the following sections:
** *User Story*: Explain the use case that is being addressed and what's the
value of the feature.
** *What*: Describe what should be done.
** *Background*: Any useful background information, including ideas how the
feature can be done.
** *Pointers*: Useful links to documentation and code
Note, only link:dev-roles.html#maintainer[maintainers] and
link:dev-roles.html#contributor[trusted contributors] can add issues to the `HelpWanted` hotlist.
Part of link:index.html[Gerrit Code Review]