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// Copyright 2017 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package zoekt
// FormatVersion is a version number. It is increased every time the
// on-disk index format is changed.
// 5: subrepositories.
// 6: remove size prefix for posting varint list.
// 7: move subrepos into Repository struct.
// 8: move repoMetaData out of indexMetadata
// 9: use bigendian uint64 for trigrams.
// 10: sections for rune offsets.
// 11: file ends in rune offsets.
// 12: 64-bit branchmasks.
// 13: content checksums
// 14: languages
// 15: rune based symbol sections
// 16 (TBA): TODO: remove fallback parsing in readTOC
const IndexFormatVersion = 15
// FeatureVersion is increased if a feature is added that requires reindexing data
// without changing the format version
// 2: Rank field for shards.
// 3: Rank documents within shards
// 4: Dedup file bugfix
// 5: Remove max line size limit
// 6: Include '#' into the LineFragment template
// 7: Record skip reasons in the index.
// 8: Record source path in the index.
// 9: Bump default max file size.
// 10: Switch to a more flexible TOC format.
const FeatureVersion = 10
// WriteMinFeatureVersion and ReadMinFeatureVersion constrain forwards and backwards
// compatibility. For example, if a new way to encode filenameNgrams on disk is
// added using a new section but the old one is retained, this would only bump
// FeatureVersion, since the previous version can read the file and ignore the
// new section, but the index files should be regenerated.
// When the new encoding is fully rolled out and stable, the section with the old
// encoding and the associated reader can be removed, and WriteMinFeatureVersion and
// ReadMinFeatureVersion can be set to the current FeatureVersion, indicating
// that the reader must handle the new version and that older versions are no
// longer valid.
// In this way, compatibility with arbitrary version offsets can be indicated.
// WriteMinFeatureVersion constrains forwards compatibility by emitting files
// that won't load in zoekt with a FeatureVersion below it.
const WriteMinFeatureVersion = 10
// ReadMinFeatureVersion constrains backwards compatibility by refusing to
// load a file with a FeatureVersion below it.
const ReadMinFeatureVersion = 8
type indexTOC struct {
fileContents compoundSection
fileNames compoundSection
fileSections compoundSection
postings compoundSection
newlines compoundSection
ngramText simpleSection
runeOffsets simpleSection
fileEndRunes simpleSection
languages simpleSection
branchMasks simpleSection
subRepos simpleSection
nameNgramText simpleSection
namePostings compoundSection
nameRuneOffsets simpleSection
metaData simpleSection
repoMetaData simpleSection
nameEndRunes simpleSection
contentChecksums simpleSection
runeDocSections simpleSection
func (t *indexTOC) sections() []section {
// This old sections list is only needed to maintain backwards compatibility,
// and can be removed when a migration to tagged sections is complete.
return []section{
// This must be first, so it can be reliably read across
// file format versions.
type taggedSection struct {
tag string
sec section
func (t *indexTOC) sectionsTagged() map[string]section {
out := map[string]section{}
for _, ent := range t.sectionsTaggedList() {
out[ent.tag] = ent.sec
for _, ent := range t.sectionsTaggedCompatibilityList() {
out[ent.tag] = ent.sec
return out
func (t *indexTOC) sectionsTaggedList() []taggedSection {
return []taggedSection{
{"metadata", &t.metaData},
{"repoMetaData", &t.repoMetaData},
{"fileContents", &t.fileContents},
{"fileNames", &t.fileNames},
{"fileSections", &t.fileSections},
{"newlines", &t.newlines},
{"ngramText", &t.ngramText},
{"postings", &t.postings},
{"nameNgramText", &t.nameNgramText},
{"namePostings", &t.namePostings},
{"branchMasks", &t.branchMasks},
{"subRepos", &t.subRepos},
{"runeOffsets", &t.runeOffsets},
{"nameRuneOffsets", &t.nameRuneOffsets},
{"fileEndRunes", &t.fileEndRunes},
{"nameEndRunes", &t.nameEndRunes},
{"contentChecksums", &t.contentChecksums},
{"languages", &t.languages},
{"runeDocSections", &t.runeDocSections},
// sectionsTaggedCompatibilityList returns a list of sections that will be
// handled or converted for backwards compatiblity, but aren't written by
// the current iteration of the indexer.
func (t *indexTOC) sectionsTaggedCompatibilityList() []taggedSection {
return []taggedSection{}