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// Copyright 2016 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package zoekt
import (
// FileMatch contains all the matches within a file.
type FileMatch struct {
// Ranking; the higher, the better.
Score float64 // TODO - hide this field?
// For debugging. Needs DebugScore set, but public so tests in
// other packages can print some diagnostics.
Debug string
FileName string
// Repository is the globally unique name of the repo of the
// match
Repository string
Branches []string
LineMatches []LineMatch
// Only set if requested
Content []byte
// Checksum of the content.
Checksum []byte
// Detected language of the result.
Language string
// SubRepositoryName is the globally unique name of the repo,
// if it came from a subrepository
SubRepositoryName string
// SubRepositoryPath holds the prefix where the subrepository
// was mounted.
SubRepositoryPath string
// Commit SHA1 (hex) of the (sub)repo holding the file.
Version string
// LineMatch holds the matches within a single line in a file.
type LineMatch struct {
// The line in which a match was found.
Line []byte
LineStart int
LineEnd int
LineNumber int
// If set, this was a match on the filename.
FileName bool
// The higher the better. Only ranks the quality of the match
// within the file, does not take rank of file into account
Score float64
LineFragments []LineFragmentMatch
// LineFragmentMatch a segment of matching text within a line.
type LineFragmentMatch struct {
// Offset within the line, in bytes.
LineOffset int
// Offset from file start, in bytes.
Offset uint32
// Number bytes that match.
MatchLength int
// Stats contains interesting numbers on the search
type Stats struct {
// Amount of I/O for reading contents.
ContentBytesLoaded int64
// Amount of I/O for reading from index.
IndexBytesLoaded int64
// Number of search shards that had a crash.
Crashes int
// Wall clock time for this search
Duration time.Duration
// Number of files containing a match.
FileCount int
// Number of files in shards that we considered.
ShardFilesConsidered int
// Files that we evaluated. Equivalent to files for which all
// atom matches (including negations) evaluated to true.
FilesConsidered int
// Files for which we loaded file content to verify substring matches
FilesLoaded int
// Candidate files whose contents weren't examined because we
// gathered enough matches.
FilesSkipped int
// Shards that we did not process because a query was canceled.
ShardsSkipped int
// Number of non-overlapping matches
MatchCount int
// Number of candidate matches as a result of searching ngrams.
NgramMatches int
// Wall clock time for queued search.
Wait time.Duration
// Number of times regexp was called on files that we evaluated.
RegexpsConsidered int
func (s *Stats) Add(o Stats) {
s.ContentBytesLoaded += o.ContentBytesLoaded
s.IndexBytesLoaded += o.IndexBytesLoaded
s.Crashes += o.Crashes
s.FileCount += o.FileCount
s.FilesConsidered += o.FilesConsidered
s.FilesLoaded += o.FilesLoaded
s.FilesSkipped += o.FilesSkipped
s.MatchCount += o.MatchCount
s.NgramMatches += o.NgramMatches
s.ShardFilesConsidered += o.ShardFilesConsidered
s.ShardsSkipped += o.ShardsSkipped
// SearchResult contains search matches and extra data
type SearchResult struct {
Files []FileMatch
// RepoURLs holds a repo => template string map.
RepoURLs map[string]string
// FragmentNames holds a repo => template string map, for
// the line number fragment.
LineFragments map[string]string
// RepositoryBranch describes an indexed branch, which is a name
// combined with a version.
type RepositoryBranch struct {
Name string
Version string
// Repository holds repository metadata.
type Repository struct {
// The repository name
Name string
// The repository URL.
URL string
// The physical source where this repo came from, eg. full
// path to the zip filename or git repository directory. This
// will not be exposed in the UI, but can be used to detect
// orphaned index shards.
Source string
// The branches indexed in this repo.
Branches []RepositoryBranch
// Nil if this is not the super project.
SubRepoMap map[string]*Repository
// URL template to link to the commit of a branch
CommitURLTemplate string
// The repository URL for getting to a file. Has access to
// {{Branch}}, {{Path}}
FileURLTemplate string
// The URL fragment to add to a file URL for line numbers. has
// access to {{LineNumber}}. The fragment should include the
// separator, generally '#' or ';'.
LineFragmentTemplate string
// All zoekt.* configuration settings.
RawConfig map[string]string
// Importance of the repository, bigger is more important
Rank uint16
// IndexOptions is a hash of the options used to create the index for the
// repo.
IndexOptions string
// IndexMetadata holds metadata stored in the index file. It contains
// data generated by the core indexing library.
type IndexMetadata struct {
IndexFormatVersion int
IndexFeatureVersion int
IndexMinReaderVersion int
IndexTime time.Time
PlainASCII bool
LanguageMap map[string]byte
ZoektVersion string
// Statistics of a (collection of) repositories.
type RepoStats struct {
// Repos is used for aggregrating the number of repositories.
Repos int
// Shards is the total number of search shards.
Shards int
// Documents holds the number of documents or files.
Documents int
// IndexBytes is the amount of RAM used for index overhead.
IndexBytes int64
// ContentBytes is the amount of RAM used for raw content.
ContentBytes int64
func (s *RepoStats) Add(o *RepoStats) {
// can't update Repos, since one repo may have multiple
// shards.
s.Shards += o.Shards
s.IndexBytes += o.IndexBytes
s.Documents += o.Documents
s.ContentBytes += o.ContentBytes
type RepoListEntry struct {
Repository Repository
IndexMetadata IndexMetadata
Stats RepoStats
// RepoList holds a set of Repository metadata.
type RepoList struct {
Repos []*RepoListEntry
Crashes int
type Searcher interface {
Search(ctx context.Context, q query.Q, opts *SearchOptions) (*SearchResult, error)
// List lists repositories. The query `q` can only contain
// query.Repo atoms.
List(ctx context.Context, q query.Q) (*RepoList, error)
// Describe the searcher for debug messages.
String() string
type SearchOptions struct {
// Return an upper-bound estimate of eligible documents in
// stats.ShardFilesConsidered.
EstimateDocCount bool
// Return the whole file.
Whole bool
// Maximum number of matches: skip all processing an index
// shard after we found this many non-overlapping matches.
ShardMaxMatchCount int
// Maximum number of matches: stop looking for more matches
// once we have this many matches across shards.
TotalMaxMatchCount int
// Maximum number of important matches: skip processing
// shard after we found this many important matches.
ShardMaxImportantMatch int
// Maximum number of important matches across shards.
TotalMaxImportantMatch int
// Abort the search after this much time has passed.
MaxWallTime time.Duration
// Trim the number of results after collating and sorting the
// results
MaxDocDisplayCount int
func (s *SearchOptions) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%#v", s)