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digraph {
node [style=bold, shape=circle, color="#385d8a", fontname=arial, fontsize=18]
edge [style=bold, color="#385d8a", arrowhead=none]
G [style=invis]
G -> D [style=invis]
D -> C -> B -> A
F -> E
E -> B [weight=0]
edge [arrowhead=normal]
node [shape=box, style=filled, fillcolor=lightgrey, color=black]
HEAD [fillcolor="#555555", fontcolor=white]
HEAD -> master
master -> D
feature1 -> F [weight=0]
{ rank=same; D; F; HEAD; master; feature1 }
{ rank=same; C; E }
node [shape=circle]
L [style=invis]
L -> A [style=invis]
{ rank=same; L; A }
HEAD -> L [style=invis]
* 'Q:' what is the result of merging `feature1` branch into the `master` branch?
* 'Q:' which branch will change as the result of this merge?