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Making Changes
digraph {
edge [style=bold, arrowhead=none, fontname=arial, fontsize=24]
node [style=bold, shape=folder, fontname=arial, fontsize=24, height=1, width=2]
wtree [shape=plaintext, label="<working tree>", fontcolor=red]
p1 [label="", width=0, height=0]
p2 [label="", width=0, height=0]
git [label=".git", width=2]
Calculator -> p1
p1 -> git
{ rank=same; p1; git }
p1 -> p2
p2 -> wtree
{ rank=same; p2; wtree }
Just start doing your changes
* modify, add, delete files
* no need to tell Git which files you want to work on
* tell Git which changes you intend to commit:
git add <file-name>
git rm <file-name>
* EGit helps by auto-detecting changed files