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Commits are Complete Snapshots
digraph {
node [shape=box, style=filled, fillcolor="#ABFFBB", fontname=arial, fontsize=18]
edge [arrowhead=none]
L [label="", shape=box, width=0, height=0]
R [label="", shape=box, width=0, height=0]
{rank=source; L; R}
commit1 [fillcolor="#FFAAA1", label="Commit 1"]
commit1 -> A -> B -> C
commit2 [fillcolor="#FFAAA1", label="Commit 2"]
link1B [label="B", style=dashed]
commit2 -> A1 -> link1B -> C1
commit3 [fillcolor="#FFAAA1", label="Commit 3"]
link2B [label="B", style=dashed]
link1A1 [label="A1", style=dashed]
commit3 -> link1A1 -> link2B -> C2
commit1 -> commit2 -> commit3 [style=invis]
{rank=same; commit1; commit2; commit3 }
L -> commit1 [style=invis]
R -> commit3 [style=invis]
L -> R [label=time, arrowhead=normal, fontsize=20, fontname=arial]
* imagine our project contains 3 files: `A`, `B` and `C`
* every time we commit changes a new commit is created: `Commit 1`, `Commit 2`
and `Commit 3`
* every commit is a 'full snapshot' of the whole project
* Git optimizes storage, will not create copies of non-modified files