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= What's new in Gerrit 2.6
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== What's new in Gerrit 2.6
== What's new in Gerrit 2.6
* link:[
Release Notes]
* Statistics
| |Gerrit 2.6 |Gerrit 2.5 |Gerrit 2.4
|commits ➊ |1301 |508 |122
|resolved issues
|contributors |56 |34 |22
➊ without merge commits
== New Default Skin
.Gerrit 2.6
image:../../img/Gerrit-2.6-skin.png[Gerrit 2.6 Skin]
.Gerrit 2.5
image:../../img/Gerrit-2.5-skin.png[Gerrit 2.5 Skin]
== Edit Commit Message from UI
.Icon to edit Commit Message
image:../../img/edit-commit-message-1.png[Edit Commit Message 1]
.Dialog to edit Commit Message
image:../../img/edit-commit-message-2.png[Edit Commit Message 2]
== Edit Change Topic from UI
.Icon to edit Change Topic
image:../../img/edit-change-topic-1.png[Edit Change Topic 1]
.Dialog to edit Change Topic
image:../../img/edit-change-topic-2.png[Edit Change Topic 2]
== `Add Comment` Button
Below the summary comments there is now a button to add a comment.
image:../../img/add-comment-button.png[Add Comment Button]
== Support for Project Specific Labels
Individual projects can add (or remove) score categories through
labels] and link:[
Prolog rules]. +
This makes the workflow completely customizable.
image:../../img/custom-label.png[Custom Label]
[label "IP"]
function = MaxWithBlock
value = -1 Bad
value = 0 No score
value = +1 Clean
== File Level Comments
It is now possible to comment on a whole file.
.Icon to add a comment on a file
image:../../img/file-comment-1.png[File Comment 1]
.Editor for a comment on a file
image:../../img/file-comment-2.png[File Comment 2]
== Reviewed Panel at Bottom
image:../../img/reviewed-panel-at-bottom.png[Reviewed Panel at Bottom]
== New Submit Type `Rebase If Necessary`
The 'Rebase If Necessary' submit type automatically rebases the
changes on submit if needed. If a change gets rebased the rebased
commit is added as a new patch set to the change.
image:../../img/rebase-if-necessary.png[Rebase If Necessary]
== Branch specific Submit Types
The submit type for changes can now be controlled from Prolog. This
enables branch specific submit types. E.g. for devlopment branches the
submit type can be `Merge If Necessary` while for release branches it
is `Fast Forward Only`.
image:../../img/submit-type-on-change-screen.png[Submit Type]
== Show in ApprovalTable if a Reviewer can't vote in a Category
For a user that cannot vote in a category the cell in the category
column of the ApprovalTable will be shown with a grey background.
A tooltip explains that the user cannot vote in this category.
image:../../img/reviewer-cannot-vote-in-category.png[Reviewer Cannot
Vote In Category]
== Voting on Draft Changes
It is now possible to vote on draft changes.
== Filtering of Project List and Group List
image:../../img/filter-projects.png[Filter Projects]
== Query Icon for Projects
The icon links to a default query or to the projects default
.In Project List
image:../../img/query-icon-1.png[Query Icon in Project List]
.On Change Screen
image:../../img/query-icon-2.png[Query Icon on Change Screen]
== Search Box
=== Suggestions
The Search Box now provides suggestions for projects, groups and
image:../../img/search-box-project-suggestion.png[Project Suggestion]
=== Animation
When typing a query the search box is automatically expanded.
image:../../img/search-box.png[Search Box]
image:../../img/search-box-expanded.png[Search Box Expanded]
== Project Screens: Top Menus instead of Side Menus
Also the last accessed project and the last accessed project screen
are remembered.
.Gerrit 2.6
image:../../img/project-screen-top-menus.png[Project Screens Top Menus]
.Gerrit 2.5
image:../../img/project-screen-side-menus.png[Project Screens Side Menus]
== Project Dashboards
Project Dashboards] can be defined in `refs/meta/dashboards/*`.
image:../../img/project-dashboards.png[Project Dashboards]
== Custom Dashboard: Link Section Title to Query
.Custom Dashboard
image:../../img/to-query-1.png[Link Section Title to Query 1]
image:../../img/to-query-2.png[Link Section Title to Query 2]
== Notifications
* Project owners and site administrators can
configure project level notifications]
[notify "team"]
email =
email =
* watchers are notified if a draft change is published
* support watching upload of new patch sets
image:../../img/email-notifications.png[Email notifications]
* Automated system can control to whom notifications should be sent
when posting a review via the REST API]
== Basic support for Avatars
Plugins can provide avatar images for Gerrit users.
.Avatar in Header
image:../../img/avatar-1.png[Avatar 1]
.Avatar in Settings Popup
image:../../img/avatar-2.png[Avatar 2]
== Login Screens
The new form based HTML screens for login allow browsers to offer
the choice to save the login data locally in the user's password store.
image:../../img/login-screen.png[Login Screen]
== Access Rights
* ALLOW rule on the same project and ref overwrites BLOCK rule
By this an access right can be blocked for all users, while allowing
it for a certain privileged group.
image:../../img/overwrite-block-rule.png[Overwrite BLOCK rule]
* Global Capabilities are visible to all users who can see the
`refs/meta/config` branch in `All-Projects`.
By this users can now propose changes to the global capabilities
through code review.
image:../../img/global-capabilities.png[Global Capabilities]
* New permissions for editing topics and viewing, deleting and
publishing drafts
image:../../img/access-rights.png[Access Rights]
* A big chunk of the Gerrit functionality is now available via the
link:[REST API].
The REST API is *NOT* complete yet and some functionality is still missing.
To find out which functionality is available, check the REST endpoint documentation for
link:[groups] and
image:../../img/rest-endpoints.png[REST endpoints]
* Support setting `HEAD` of a project
link:[via REST].
== GIT
* *42x* improvement on `git clone` and `git fetch`
Running link:[
gerrit gc] allows JGit to optimize a repository to serve clone and fetch
faster than C Git can, with massively lower server CPU required. Typically
Gerrit 2.6 can completely transfer a project to a client faster than C Git
can finish "Counting" the objects.
* Support for options in ref spec
* Support for link:[
recursive merge]
Still experimental, needs to be enabled by the administratior.
== Plugins
* support for JavaScript and GWT plugins
* new extension point for commit validation
* Plugins can contribute init steps
* Plugins can contribute Prolog facts/predicates
== Important fixes
* Support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10
* Fix auto closing of changes on direct push
* Don't show error on ACL modifications
** if a section is added more than once or
** if empty permissions are added
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