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= What's new in Gerrit 2.5
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== What's new in Gerrit 2.5
== What's new in Gerrit 2.5
* link:[
Release Notes]
* Statistics
| |Gerrit 2.5 |Gerrit 2.4
|commits |790 |181
|resolved issues
|contributors |34 |22
== Selection of Patch Sets from Patch Header
There is a new header on the Patch Screen that allows to quickly
select the patch sets to be compared.
image:../../img/compare-patch-sets.png[Compare Patch Sets]
image:../../img/compare-patch-sets-2.png[Compare Patch Sets]
.Gerrit 2.4:
image:../../img/compare-patch-sets-old.png[Compare Patch Sets]
== Preference to show Line Endings
There is a new user preference that allows to display Windows
image:../../img/line-endings.png[Line Endings]
== Streamlined Review Workflow
Which files were reviewed can be seen in the file list of the patch.
image:../../img/reviewed-markers.png[Reviewed Markers]
A link was added next to the `Reviewed` checkbox that marks the
current patch as reviewed +
and goes to the next unreviewed patch.
image:../../img/streamlined-review-workflow.png[Streamlined Review Workflow]
=== Manual Review
This works best if in the preferences `Manual Review` was chosen so
that the +
`Reviewed` checkbox is not automatically selected.
image:../../img/manual-review.png[Manual Review]
=== Key Commands
There are key commands
* to toggle the reviewed flag for a patch (`m`) and
* to mark the patch as reviewed and navigate to the next unreviewed
patch (`M`).
image:../../img/mark-as-reviewed-keys.png[Marks as Reviewed Keys]
== Change Screen Cleanup
The commit message on the Change Screen is now placed in a box with
a title and emphasis on the commit summary. The star icon and the
permalink are displayed in the box header. The header from the change
screen is removed as it only held duplicate information.
.Gerrit 2.5:
image:../../img/change-screen-2.5.png[Change Screen 2.5]
.Gerrit 2.4:
image:../../img/change-screen-2.4.png[Change Screen 2.4]
== Visually less distracting Line Numbers in Side-by-Side Diff Viewer
.Gerrit 2.5:
image:../../img/line-numbers-2.5.png[Line Numbers 2.5]
.Gerrit 2.4:
image:../../img/line-numbers-2.4.png[Line Numbers 2.4]
== Approval Table on the Publish Comments Screen
The approval table that shows the reviewers and their current votes
is now shown on the Publish Comments Screen. This allows the reviewer
to see all existing votes and reviewers when doing the own voting
and publishing of comments. Seeing the existing votes helps the
reviewer in understanding which votes are still required before the
change can be submitted.
image:../../img/publish-comments.png[Publish Comments]
== Dependency Table Improvements
* Open the dependency section automatically when the change is needed
by an open change
* Only show a change as needed by if its current patch set depends on
the change
* Only show draft change dependency if the current user is owner or
reviewer of the draft change
image:../../img/dependencies.png[Dependency Table]
== Offer Suggestions for the Search Operators in the Search Panel
When typing a query, auto completion is now offered for the
search operators].
image:../../img/search-completion.png[Search Completion]
== Support alias `self` in Queries
Some link:[
search operators] which can be used in queries expect a user as
argument, e.g. `owner:'USER'`, `reviewer:'USER'`, `starredby:'USER'`
etc. Instead of a user you can now provide the alias `self` which will
be resolved to the username of the caller. E.g. the query
`owner:self status:open` will return all changes that the caller owns
and that are still open.
With the `self` alias it's possible to define queries in a generic
way. The URL's for generic queries can be shared between team members
without need to adapt them individually.
== Support for Custom Dashboards
Results for user-defined queries can now be displayed in
custom dashboards].
image:../../img/custom-dashboard.png[Custom Dashboard]
== Allow to propose Changes to Access Rights through Code Review
Users [1] can now propose changes to the access rights of a project.
This will create an open change in the review queue of the project.
The project owners are automatically added as reviewer and can accept
the modification to the access rights by approving and submitting this
image:../../img/access-rights-save-for-review.png[Access Rights - Save for Review]
image:../../img/access-rights-save-for-review-2.png[Access Rights - Open Change]
image:../../img/access-rights-save-for-review-3.png[Access Rights - project.config diff]
[1] users who can read the `refs/meta/config` branch in which the
access rights are persisted
== Add Unified Diff to `newchange` Mail Template
The unified diff for a change can now be included into the e-mail
image:../../img/email-unified-diff.png[E-Mail Unified Diff]
== Move the Admin Menu Items to the top level Menu
The new `Projects` and `Groups` top level menus replace the `Admin`
top level menu.
.Gerrit 2.5:
image:../../img/top-level-menu-projects.png[Top Level Menu Projects]
image:../../img/top-level-menu-groups.png[Top Level Menu Groups]
.Gerrit 2.4:
image:../../img/top-level-menu-admin.png[Top Level Menu Admin]
== Show for each Project in the Project List a Link to the Repository Browser (e.g. GitWeb)
image:../../img/project-repo-browser.png[Project Repo Browser]
== Plugins
The Gerrit server functionality can now be extended by installing
== Cookbook for Prolog Submit Rules
Projects can define custome submit rules in Prolog. A submit rule
decides when a change becomes submittable. In the Gerrit documentation
there is now a
cookbook] that explains how to write such submit rules in Prolog.
E.g. it is possible to implement a
Prolog rule that makes the change only submittable if the is a +2 Code
Review vote from a non author.]
image:../../img/need-non-author-code-review.png[Need Non Author Code Review]
Developing submit rules in Prolog is now eased by an
SSH command that allows to test submit rules].
Gerrit now supports a
like API] available over HTTP.
The API is suitable for automated tools to build upon, as well as
supporting some ad-hoc scripting use cases.
.List Projects:
image:../../img/rest-list-projects.png[REST List Projects]
.Query Changes:
image:../../img/rest-query-changes.png[REST Query Changes]
== Ask user to sign in if change is not found
.Gerrit 2.5:
image:../../img/session-expired.png[Session Expired]
.Gerrit 2.4:
image:../../img/not-found.png[Not Found]
== Do not show "Session cookie not available" on sign in
.Gerrit 2.5:
image:../../img/sign-in.png[Sign In]
.Gerrit 2.4:
image:../../img/session-cookie-not-available.png[Session Cookie Not Available]
== Fix disappearance of download command in Firefox
.Gerrit 2.5:
image:../../img/download-command.png[Download Command]
.Gerrit 2.4:
image:../../img/disappeared-download-command.png[Disappeared Download Command]
== Other important fixes
* link:[Create a
ref for the patch set that is created when a change is
* Fix reject message if bypassing code review is not allowed
now it's "prohibited by Gerrit" instead of "can not update the
reference as a fast forward"
* link:[Fix
cloning of new projects from slave servers]
* link:[Fix
nested submodule updates]
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