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= Gerrit Change Workflows, David Ostrovsky
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== Gerrit Change Workflows
=== David Ostrovsky
==== Gerrit User Conference
===== Palo Alto, 2018
== Outline
* Standard change workflow
* Custom change workflow
* Draft change workflow
* Work In Progress (WIP) workflow proposed by OpenStack project (2012)
* Allow to disable Draft change workflow in Gerrit core
* WIP plugin (2013) and its limitation
* Alternative implementations of WIP workflow in Gerrit core
* Gerrit adoption by Chromium project in mid 2017
* WIP workflow details
* Replace Draft change workflow with WIP and Private Change workflows
* Migration from earlier Gerrit versions
== Standard Gerrit change workflow / 1
=== Pre-Submit code review workflow
$ git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
== Standard Gerrit change workflow / 2
=== Post-Submit code review workflow (supported since 2.14)
$ git push origin sha1:refs/for/master%merged
== Custom change workflow / 1
* Gerrit doesn't provide (yet) workflow engine, now what?
== Custom change workflow / 2
* There is no supported way to do that directly with change states
** We don't consider forking Gerrit as a viable option ;-)
* Use issue tracker system, that supports custom workflows
** Link Gerrit change to the corresponding issue
== Custom change workflow / 3
* Write a plugin to track the custom workflow
* e.g.: verify-status plugin uses database to store verification details
== Draft change workflow / 1
- Not yet ready changes
- Only visible for reviewers
$ git push origin HEAD:refs/drafts/master
== Draft change workflow / 2
- Can draft change be abandoned and restored?
- Yes, it could, but the DRAFT state would be lost:
== Draft change workflow / 3
- Add new change state ABANDONED_DRAFT to rectify:
== Draft patch set workflow
$ git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
<amend the commit>
$ git push origin HEAD:refs/drafts/master
== Disadvantages of draft change workflow
* Visibility constraint is orthogonal to Work In Progress attribute
* Once published, there is no way to flip DRAFT status again
** this is needed when reviewers identifed issues, that need to be addressed
* User often consfused with draft change workflow:
** draft change and draft patch set
** deletion of draft changes vs. draft patch sets
== Work In Progress (WIP) workflow from OpenStack project
- WIP state suggested in 2012 by David Shrewsbury from Open Stack project
- link:[Add Work In Progress state to Gerrit]
== Combined WIP workflow with DRAFT workflow
- WIP and Draft change workflow are overlapping workflows:
== Allow to disable draft workflow in Gerrit core
* Add `change.allowDrafts` option to disable draft workflow
** No upload of drafts per push to `refs/drafts/master`
** No publish and deletion actions for a change
* As the consequence of this setting DRAFT change state is unused
== WIP plugin: abuse DRAFT change state
* WIP plugin is created in 2013, that implements WIP workflow
* Only usable when `change.allowDrafts` is set to `true` on gerrit site
== WIP Plugin: Show regular change
* Reviewers can see change on their dashboard:
== WIP Plugin: Flip WIP bit on a change
* Set `DRAFT = true` from wip-plugin's UI action:
== WIP Plugin: WIP changes are filtered out on reviewer's dashboards
* WIP change are hidden on reviewer's dashboards:
== WIP Plugin: Flip ready bit on a change
* Set `DRAFT = false` from wip-plugin's UI action:
== Disadvantages of WIP plugin
* Draft change workflow must be disabled
* Cannot upload a change as WIP
* Notifications for WIP changes: Firehose is not turned off
* Stream events are not implemented
== Alternative considered to WIP workflow (in core or as a plugin)
* Dedicated label can be used, with vote permission granted to change owner only
** combined with customized dashboard to filter out negative votes on this label
* Abuse existing label
** CRVW and interpret the blocking-Vote of change owner as virtual WIP state.
* Assignee workflow: assign change directly to owner or reviewer
* Change edits can be used to hide notifications, but there are disadvantages
** Certain code review features aren't available on change edits:
*** Change edits cannot be shared with other reviewers
*** like review comments from CI or static analysis;
*** Updating change edit would override the existing ref
== Gerrit adoption by Chromium project in mid 2017
* Poorer notification control compared to Rietveld:
** link:[Issue 4489 Provide control over when a review starts and reviewers are notified]
** link:[Issue 4390 Provide e-mail notification (notify section) for when review is requested]
** link:[Issue 4673 Reduce too frequent email notifications to CC list and Reviewers]
* Solution: WIP workflow to address these problems
== Work In Progress workflow: Overview
* link:[Proposal: Work In Progress workflow]
* Software development is all about communication
** Gerrit should streamline the communication process:
*** make the next action to take obvious for all participants
*** make it clear to a reviewer when their attention on a change is needed
*** without requiring the reviewer to scan the content of a change in order to make a judgment call
* Avoid spamming reviewers with not ready changes:
** Notifications
** Dashboards
== WIP workflow: Implementation
* Use change attribute: "WIP" instead of change state "WIP"
== WIP workflow: Mark as work in progress - button
== WIP workflow: Start Review - button
== WIP workflow: Use "Save" button to publish comments without moving the change out of WIP
** The workflow really could use a major UX refresh
== WIP workflow: ACL to flip the WIP state to ready
* Change owner
* Gerrit Administrators
* Project Owners
== WIP workflow: Push options
* Push Option:
$ git push -o wip origin HEAD:refs/for/master
$ git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master%wip
== WIP workflow: Notification impact
* Actions that create a new patch set in a WIP change default to notifying *OWNER*
* Actions that add a reviewer or CC to a WIP change default to notifying *NONE*
* Abandoning a WIP change defaults to notifying *OWNER_REVIEWERS*
* Reviewing a WIP change defaults to notifying *OWNER*
== WIP workflow: Dashboard
* There is a new section for *Work in progress* changes
** The underlying query is for WIP changes owned by the user.
* The query driving the existing *Incoming reviews* section
** substracts WIP changes from the results
== WIP workflow: Search
* WIP Change subtruction from `reviewer:self` predicate:
if ("reviewer".equalsIgnoreCase(value)) {
return Predicate.and(
Predicate.not(new BooleanPredicate(ChangeField.WIP)),
ReviewerPredicate.reviewer(args, self()));
* Feature requests: link:[issue 9902]: allow search for WIP changes for specific reviewers
* Consider to change the `reviewer:self` predicate definition:
reviewer:self -is:wip
== WIP workflow: Always push as WIP per user setting
* Add user option to upload changes as WIP per default:
== WIP workflow: Always push as WIP per project setting
* Add config option to upload changes for a project as WIP per default:
workInProgressByDefault = true
* Controls whether all new changes in the project are set as WIP by default.
* This setting can be overridden:
** if the `workInProgress` field in ChangeInput entity is set to `false` explicitly when creating change per REST API
** if the `ready` PushOption is used during the Git push.
* Default is `INHERIT`, which means that this property is inherited from
the parent project.
== WIP workflow: Always mark as WIP for changes created in browser
* Inline change implementation creates empty changes
* Empty changes are WIP per definition
== Releasing WIP workflow
* In addition to Draft change workflow or instead of Draft change workflow?
* Both workflows have similarities and differences
* Concluson: Discontinue Draft change worklfow
== Discontinue Draft change workflow
* WIP workflow: not readiness of the changes is orthogonal to the visibility constraints of Draft change workflow
* Draft change workflow cannot be replaced with WIP workflow
* Now what?
== Private change workflow
* Implement Private change workflow for visibility constraint' part of Draft change workflow:
== Migration strategy from earlier Gerrit versions to 2.15 (Schema_159)
* Draft changes are migrated to WIP or Private changes
* Draft patch sets migrated to regular changes or private changes
* Default to WIP changes (this was flipped recently):
Migrating data to schema 158 ...
> Done (0.000 s)
Migrating data to schema 159 ...
Migrate draft changes to private changes (default is work-in-progress) [y/N]?
Replace draft changes with work_in_progress changes ...
> Done (7.917 s)
== Caution with Draft changes migration to Private changes strategy
* Changes with Draft patch sets are migrated to private changes
** Risk to mark substantial amount of merged and abandoned changes as
*`private` and thus make them non visible
* Workaround is to search for changes that were inadvertently marked as `private` and unmark them:
owner:self is:private
== Left over from removal of Draft change workflow
* Because of dependency of some external tools `refs/drafts/master` is preserved
** with the follow semantic:
git push origin HEAD:refs/drafts/master # 1
<amend 1>
git push origin HEAD:refs/drafts/master # 2
<amend 2>
git push origin HEAD:refs/drafts/master # 3
* 1. Creates private change
* 2. Creates change edit
* 3. Overwrites change edit
== Thank you
*David Ostrovsky*
Mainatainer, Gerrit Code Review
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