Gerrit User Summit Europe 2023 - Schedule

Hackathon, 25-29th September (Mon-Fri) at Volvo Cars

8:30Registration Opens
9:30Presentation of the hackathon topics, introductions
12:15Lunch & Networking
19:00End of the day

The User Summit, 30th September (Sat) to 1st October (Sun)

Introduction, intermediate and advanced sessions on Gerrit Code Review.

Saturday 30th September

The Gerrit User Summit starts at 11:00 CEST in Sweden and continues at 08:00 PDT in California.

Time CESTTime PDTSession
10:30Registration Opens, Networking
11:00Welcome to Volvo Cars - TBC
11:45What's new in Gerrit multi-site
12:45Lunch & Networking
15:00Zuul: Project Gating for Gerrit
15:45Make your owners rules faster
16:00Break & Networking
08:00USA, early attenders, breakfast with remote viewing of talk
17:00Processing multiple ref updates as a one event - pull-replication use case
18:0009:00Tailor Gerrit's healthcheck with Extensible Checks
18:1509:15Entering the gerrit world, painpoints and wows
18:4509:45Code Review Research Highlights
19:3010:00End of Day 1 - Sweden / Break & Networking - US
20:00Dinner - Celebrations for Gerrit 15 years - Sweden
10:30Git GC at scale for Pro
12:00Lunch & Networking

Sunday 1st October

The Gerrit User Summit starts at 10:30 CEST in Sweden ONLY

Time CESTTime PDTSession
11:00Q&A with the maintainers
12:00What's new in Gerrit v3.8
12:45Lunch & Networking
14:00TALK AVAILABLE - Sweden
14:45TALK AVAILABLE - Sweden
15:30TALK AVAILABLE - Sweden
16:00End of the Summit - Sweden