Add talk about healthcheck and multi-site by Tony and Luca

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 | 14:45 | [Gerrit adoption and NoteDb migration user story](sessions/
 | 15:30 | Break & Networking
 | 16:00 | [Using Gerrit with Zuul](sessions/
-| 16:45 | __Talk available__
+| 16:45 | [How healthcheck and multi-site saves keep your sleep at night](sessions/
 | 17:30 | Party and free drinks
 ### Friday, 11th of November
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+# How the healthcheck plugin and multi-site keep your sleep at night
+ had an outage on the 3rd of November at 15:20 GMT, which
+was caused by a [critical Gerrit issue](
+discovered that day.
+The issue was deep into the core of Gerrit, involving loading the
+accounts external-ids, impacting pretty much anything that required
+authenticated traffic.  However, none of the users
+noticed any issues, delays, slow down, or reduced functionality.
+In this talk, Tony and Luca will describe what happened and how
+the GerritForge Team detected, analyzed, and mitigated the problem,
+avoiding a global outage.
+The learnings from this story can help other Gerrit admins to
+set up operating practices about metrics, high availability,
+and service resilience with Gerrit that can be useful in
+preventing sleepless nights and managing outages.
+*[Luca Milanesio, GerritForge](../*
+*[Antonio Barone, GerritForge](../*