Gerrit User Summit 2022 - Schedule

Hackathon - 7,8 and 9 November

Three days of hacking on Gerrit Code Review and for building new plugins by contributors and people passionate about understanding and extending Gerrit.

The hackathon will take place at Spaces Aurora, in the historical borough of Ealing, well known for being the birthplace of Ada Lovelace, the very first software developer in history.


All the three days will follow this schedule:

9:00Welcome to the Hackathon
9:30Coffee and breakfast nearby
10:00Hacking together
12:00Lunch & Networking
13:00Hacking together
18:00End of the day

Remote contributors and maintainers will be able to interact remotely using the Discord Event and Discord Channel.

By invitation only

The number of places available is very limited. The primary purpose of the hackathon is to speed up the communication between Gerrit contributors with white-boarding face-to-face sessions and pair programming in a quiet and co-located roundtable.

The contributors and maintainers attending the hackathon will also help with the release of the forthcoming Gerrit v3.7.0.

Gerrit User Summit, 10-11 November

Introduction, intermediate and advanced sessions on Gerrit Code Review.

Thursday, 10th of November

9:00Registration Opens, Breakfast & Networking
9:30Welcome introduction
9:45What's new in Gerrit 3.6 and 3.7
10:30Wrestling large repos with JGit an Gerrit
11:15Q&A with the Gerrit Maintainers
12:00Lunch & Networking
14:00Gerrit for smoothly switching from SVN to Git
14:45Gerrit adoption and NoteDb migration user story
15:30Break & Networking
16:00Using Gerrit with Zuul
16:45Talk available
17:30Party and free drinks

Friday, 11th of November

9:00Breakfast & Networking
9:30Import Gerrit projects across servers
10:15What's new in the UI
11:00What's new in pull-replication plugin
12:00Lunch& Networking
14:00Keeping an eye on your repository metrics
14:10Status update of the “Gerrit on Kubernetes” project
14:20Submit requirements - Goodbye Prolog
14:30What's new in the OWNERS plugin
14:40“checks-jenkins” - A Checks-API implementation for Jenkins
14:50Lightning talk available
15:00Break & Networking
15:30Final retrospective and proposals
16:30Conference wrap-up and Closing Keynote