Gerrit User Summit is THE event of the year for the Community.

We will bring together Gerrit thought leaders, developers, practitioners, the whole community and ecosystem, in one event, providing attendees with the opportunity to learn, explore, network face-to-face and help shaping the future of Gerrit development and solutions.

Gerrit User Summit 2022 - 7-11 November, London (UK)

7,8,9 November10,11 November
3 days Hackathon2 days Conference

Back face-to-face after 2 years of remote events

After two years of remote meetings and virtual conferences, this year, we are back face-to-face in the heart of the vibrant City of London.

Similarly to what we have experimented in Sunnyvale in 2019, the event will also be broadcasted on a live stream to allow people to join from around the globe.

Celebrate the comeback of the Summit, drinks are on us

To celebrate the return to a face-to-face Gerrit User Summit, we have organised free drinks on the 10th of November, from 5 PM till the evening. Feel free to come and network with the other members of the community, all drinks will be on us.

Engaging remotely using Discord

For the first time in the history of the Gerrit User Summits, we will also have a parallel platform to encourage peer-to-peer interaction during the meeting and beyond.

The Gerrit community has moved to Discord and we will encourage people to continue their discussions, participate remotely and engage with the attendees and speakers in London.