Gerrit User Summit 2018 - Speakers

Dave Borowitz - Google


Dave Borowitz is Staff Software Engineer at Google and principal project maintainer.

David Ostrovsky - Unaffiliated

David is a contributor to Gerrit since 2013 and a maintainer/committer since 2016. David has been an open source and free software enthusiast for many years and has contribited to a number of open source projects.

David Pursehouse - CollabNet


David is a contributor to Gerrit since 2011 and a maintainer/committer since 2012. He is based in Japan and works remotely as part of CollabNet's Git Engineering team in Berlin.

Eryk Szymanski - CollabNet


Eryk is CollabNet’s Engineering Manager responsible for Git and Gerrit related development efforts.

Han-Wen Nienhuys - Google


Han-Wen Nienhuys is Staff Software Engineer at Google and manages Google's Gerrit backend team in Munich.

Krzysztof Miesniak - Intel Corporation


Krzysztof Miesniak is a Workflow Architect and Software Engineering Manager at Intel Corporation.

He leads Software Workflow Architecture and Development team responsible for designing, implementing and rolling out software workflow and methodology solutions for a large development organization. In the past he has worked in various companies leading projects related to Software Integration and Continuous Delivery. He holds a Master's degree from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.

Luca Milanesio - GerritForge


Luca is co-founder of GerritForge and has over 20 years of software development and application lifecycle management experience. He is a Gerrit Contributor for over five years and is the maintainer of, the Open Service for Gerrit Code Review on top of GitHub repositories.

Luke Ashe-Browne - GerritForge


Luke is a contract engineer working on CICD workflows, deployment automation practicing devops for companies in London. Luke has recently joined the Gerrit project focusing on containerisation, kubernetes and the cloud readiness of Gerrit.

Matthias Sohn - SAP


Matthias is an Open Source enthusiast and Product Owner at SAP. He maintains the Eclipse EGit and JGit projects and contributes to git, JGit, EGit, Gerrit, Gardener and Kubernetes.

Shane McIntosh - McGill University


Shane is an assistant professor and leader of the Software REBELs — a research group that develops tool and decision support for modern development and release teams.

Bruno Bossola - Meterian


Bruno starts coding in machine language on a small Commodore computer, and he's been coding professionally for thirty years with various languages. Bruno is the co-founder of Meterian, a cyber-sec company that focuses on the security of software components.