Gerrit User Summit 2018 - Location

Hosted by Cloudera - Galactic HQ in Palo Alto CA

The User Summit is hosted by Cloudera at its Galactic HQ.

See below the full address of the location:

Cloudera Galatic HQ
395 Page Mill Rd.
Palo Alto, CA 94306

If you are coming by car, there is free parking available for the attendees of the Summit, as indicated in the Cloudera map below.

Check-in Instructions

Enter through the main lobby entrance and check-in registration table will be located at the front of the entrance.

You will receive at check-in:

  • The Gerrit User Summit conference badge
  • The 10 years of Gerrit T-Shirt
  • Stickers to remember about the event and on Gerrit Code Review

Then a Cloudera employee will guide to you the conference room located on the left.


Hotels and Places to Stay

See Google Maps for suggested hotels and places to stay near Cloudera HQ.