Gerrit User Summit is THE event of the year for the Community.

We will bring together Gerrit thought leaders, developers, practitioners, the whole community and ecosystem, in one event, providing attendees with the opportunity to learn, explore, network face-to-face and help shape the future of Gerrit development and solutions.

Gerrit User Summit 2017 - Sept 30th to Oct 3rd, London (UK)

Sep 30th - Oct 1stOct 2nd - 3rd
2 days Hackathon2 days Conference

Why a Gerrit User Summit in Europe?

We want to engage with a wider and more diverse community, who can bring new requirements and needs from of the European Gerrit Community; an opportunity to see more faces and get new ideas. From a poll for the Gerrit community here’s what we found out that some 70% of the polled base would participate in a London event. There is clearly a meaningful part of the Gerrit use base that is European based and not served well by the US based events.

Gerrit interest and adoption around the world

See below a heatmap of the results of the polls on the interest of having a Gerrit User Summit this year.

Gerrit User Summit 2017 Poll Results