Gerrit User Summit 2017 - Schedule

The Hackathon - September 30th (Sat) to October 1st (Sun)

Two days of hacking on Gerrit Code Review and for building new plugins by contributors and people passionate about understanding and extending Gerrit.

By invitation only

The number of places available is deliberately very limited. The primary purpose of the hackathon is to speed up the communication between Gerrit contributors with white-boarding face-to-face sessions and pair programming in a quiet and co-located roundtable.

The User Summit, October 2nd (Mon) to 3rd (Tue)

Introduction, intermediate and advanced sessions on Gerrit Code Review.


8:00Registration Opens, Breakfast, Expo & Networking
9:00Welcome introduction
9:15What's new in Gerrit 2.14.x
10:00Gerrit at Google: Multi-master, multi-tenant
10:45Break, Expo & Networking
11:30PolyGerrit UX: Findings from research/experience on the new GUI
12:15Lunch, Expo & Networking
14:00Gerrit CI: keep logs forever
14:20improvements to Zoekt code search
14:45Beyond Gerrit
15:30Break, Expo & Networking
16:00What's new in Gerrit 2.15
16:45Q&A with the Gerrit Maintainers
17:30Drinks, Expo & Networking
17:30PolyGerrit UX Testing/Research Sessions


8:00Registration Opens, Breakfast, Expo & Networking
8:00PolyGerrit UX Testing/Research Sessions
9:00Extend Gerrit with Scripting
9:15A brand-new Gerrit integration for Jenkins
10:00Diffy with enterprise grade
10:45Break, Expo & Networking
11:30Multi-master outside Google: rollout experience at Qualcomm
12:15Lunch, Expo & Networking
14:00Mining Gerrit Data on OpenStack
14:45Export Review, Projects and Metrics to powerful dashboards
15:30Break, Expo & Networking
16:00Conference wrap-up and Closing Keynote