Make sure that `Needed by` changes actually depend on the change

If a commit message mentions Change-Ids of other changes, they got
treated as `Depends on`. But the Change-Ids might get mentioned for
other reasons as well.

So we make sure that only Changes that depend on the relevant Change
get listed as `Needed by`.

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Gerrit Zuul Plugin

Openstack uses Zuul for project gating and one of the features of Zuul is cross repository dependencies (CRD). Zuul will detect CRDs in git commit messages to allow it to arrange patchsets (in order) before scheduling them for build and test.

The problems with having only a ‘depends-on’ reference:

  • It can become very difficult, downright confusing really, to determine the dependency relationships.
  • The use of CRD can produce dependency cycles which can be difficult to detect.

To help alleviate these issues this plugin adds the following:

  • A reverse lookup for the ‘depends-on’ reference.
  • A REST endpoint to allow other clients to retrieve CRD info.

Detailed information about this plugin can be found in the documentation.