Switch to gr-icon from iron-icon

Gerrit 3.8 has largely deprecated iron-icons except for a small number
of cases which don't include the icons we are using in this plugin.
Switch to the material symbols font family provied through gr-icon which
appears to be the proper way to use check and close icons in Gerrit now.

This fixes missing icons under Gerrit 3.8. Gerrit 3.7 still renders them
using the old iron-icons but is expected to be compatibile with gr-icon
as well.

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Zuul Results Summary

Polygerrit plugin to show a summary of Zuul results in a change tab

Results are show in reverse chronological order, additionally sorted by CI userid's in ZUUL_PRIORITY (earlier entry in the list means sorted first in the output table). i.e. if you consider one of your CI reporters to be the main one, you should place it first in this list.

UI tests

UI tests are still a work in progress

Test plugin on Gerrit

  1. Clone gerrit git clone https://gerrit.googlesource.com/gerrit
  2. Clone plugin to plugins/zuul-results-summary `cd plugins; git clone https://gerrit.googlesource.com/plugins/zuul-results-summary
  3. Run build cd ..; bazel build plugins/zuul-results-summary:zuul-results-summary
  4. Copy resulting plugin bazel-bin/plugins/zuul-results-summary/zuul-results-summary.jar to Gerrit plugins directory
  5. Issue a reload ssh -p 29418 admin@<host> gerrit plugin reload zuul-results-summary