Add zookeeper-refdb jar compiled with zookeeper 3.5.x

Zookeeper server from version 3.5.x is able to server traffic over SSL.
Building zookeeper-refdb plugin with zookeeper client 3.5.x causes
incompatibility with previous zookeeper server versions. Creating
additional zookeeper-refdb jar compiled with zookeeper 3.5.x allows to
start using SSL connections. At the same time old zookeeper-refdb jar
can be used with both zookeeper server 3.5.x and zookeeper server 3.4.x.

Feature: Issue 12583

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Gerrit Zookeeper ref-db

This plugin provides an implementation of the Gerrit global ref-db backed by Apache Zookeeper.

Requirements for using this plugin are:

  • Gerrit v3.2 or later
  • Apache Zookeeper v3.4 or later

Typical use-case

The global ref-db is a typical use-case of a Gerrit multi-master scenario in a multi-site setup. Refer to the Gerrit multi-site plugin for more details on the high level architecture.