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Slack Integration Plugin

A simple Gerrit plugin that allows the publishing of certain Gerrit events to a configured Slack Webhook URL. The plugin uses Gerrit's inherited project configuration support so common config options can be set at a higher level and shared by many projects along with project specific config options.


To build the plugin, JDK 1.8 and Bazel are required.

Once installed use bazel to build.

cd ./slack-integration
bazel build slack-integration

Once packaged, you can install the ./bazel-bin/slack-integration.jar file into Gerrit.


Installing the Slack Integration Plugin is as simple as copying the resulting JAR file into the Gerrit plugins directory. Assuming you installation of Gerrit is located at /usr/local/gerrit you simply execute the following.

cp ./slack-integration.jar /usr/local/gerrit/plugins

Simple substitute the path to your Gerrit plugins directory as needed. Gerrit automatically loads new plugins and unloads old plugins, no restart is required.


The first thing you need to do is setup an incoming webhook integration in Slack. This is done via my.slack.com - Configure Integrations.

Configuration of the Slack Integration Plugin is done in Gerrit via a project specific config file. This configuration is stored in the project’s project.config file on the refs/meta/config branch of the project.

Common configuration options that can be shared between multiple projects can be placed in the All-Projects config branch, or another project that serves as an inherited base. Config options can then be overridden in the actual project's config branch. For example, you may want to specify a default webhook URL, username and channel then override the channel to be specific to each project.

Editing a project's config

mkdir <project>-config
cd <project>-config
git init
git remote add origin ssh://<admin-user>@<gerrit-host>:29418/<project>
git fetch origin refs/meta/config:refs/remotes/origin/meta/config
git checkout meta/config

Create the following config block

vi project.config

[plugin "slack-integration"]
    enabled = true
    webhookurl = https://<web-hook-url>
    channel = general
    username = gerrit
    ignore = "^WIP.*"

Commit and push changes

git commit -a
git push origin meta/config:meta/config

Configuration Options

The following configuration options are available

enabled – boolean (true/false)
    When true, enables Slack integration (defaults to false).
webhookurl - String
    The Slack webhook URL to publish to (defaults to an
    empty string).
channel - String
    The Slack channel to publish to (defaults to "general").
username - String
    The Slack username to publish as (defaults to "gerrit").
ignore - Pattern
    A "dotall" enabled regular expression pattern that, when matches
    against a commit message, will prevent the publishing of patchset
    created event messages (defaults to an empty string).
publish-on-patch-set-created - boolean (true/false)
    Whether a Slack notification should be published when a new patch set
    is created.
publish-on-change-merged - boolean (true/false)
    Whether a Slack notification should be published when a change is
publish-on-comment-added - boolean (true/false)
    Whether a Slack notification should be published when a comment is
    added to a review.
publish-on-reviewer-added - boolean (true/false)
    Whether a Slack notification should be published when a reviewer is
    added to a review.

Proxy Configuration

If a proxy is needed to connect externally to Slack, a proxy server may be configured via Gerrit's main configuration file. The path to this file will vary based on where Gerrit was installed. This example assumes that Gerrit was installed in /usr/local/gerrit.

Edit /usr/local/gerrit/etc/gerrit.config and add the following block.

[plugin "slack-integration"]
    proxy-host = <hostname or IP address of the proxy server>
    proxy-port = <port of the proxy server>

Proxy Configuration Options

The following configuration options are available

proxy-host - String
    The host of the proxy server, e.g. my.proxy.host (defaults to null).
proxy-port - int
    The port of the proxy server (defaults to 8080)
proxy-username - String
    The username, if needed, to authenticate to the proxy server 
    (defaults to null).
proxy-password - String
    The password, if needed, for the specified username to authenticate to 
    the proxy server, (defaults to null).