Merge branch 'stable-3.3'

* stable-3.3:
  Ensure in-memory model matches state committed to All-Projects
  Fix formatting of documentation
  Remove unsused variable
  Allow blocking of usernames using wildcards and regex
  Use MetaDataUpdate.Server instead of MetaDataUpdate.User in cache loader
  Add command to register existing user as service user
  Cache the service user db
  Load ProjectLevelConfig directly
  Remove standalone build mode
  Remove unnecessary public qualifier from GetConfig.ConfigInfo
  Fix errorprone errors
  Define Provider<ProjectLevelConfig.Bare>, reduce code repetition
  Stop using deprecated JGit API getAllRefs
  Make compatible with Gerrit stable-3.3 branch
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-3.2 to build with API
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-3.1 to build with 3.1.10 API
  Bump Bazel version to 3.7.0
  Upgrade bazlets to latest stable-3.0 to build with 3.0.13 API
  Bump Bazel version to 3.5.0

Change-Id: Iff000a965e1f3ff31880116c8f3748b01b5fbc30